IPO Killarney – Day 2

Hello and welcome to day 2 of the inaugural IPO Killarney.

Play will start at 2pm tomorrow for the final 8 players. The lucky players are:

Alan Daly 2,110,000
Alan Flannery 2,040,00
John Hanaphy 1,770,000
Liam Delaney 1,730,00
Geoff Healy 1,050,000
Tadhg Ryan 990,000
Ciaran Cooney 880,000
Paul O’ Brien 605,000

That is my lot for the night guys and gals! I’ll see ye all tomorrow afternoon for the final table..Woop woop

Switchy signing out!


Gavin Murphy is the unfortunate bubble boy for the official final table at this years inaugural IPO Killarney. Liam Delaney raised the button to 130,000 and Gavin re-raised from the small blind for 700,000. Liam made a quick call:

Liam: KK
Gavin: Ks10s

As 7d 4d 7h 2h

No miracle run out for the Kanturk wizard and he exits in 9th place.

22.10 Unofficial Table of 9

Ciaran Cooney 690,000
Paul O’ Brien 675,000
John Hanaphy 1,275,000
Liam Delaney 1,165,000
Gavin Murphy 875,000
Geoff Healy 1,120,000
Tadhg Ryan 1,000,000
Alan Daly 2,400,000
Alan Flannery 1,675,000

Shuffle up and deal!

00.00 Michael O’ Grady gone

As I wrote the last blog Michael O’ Grady got knocked out with unfortunately the details unknown. This means we have our unofficial final table of 9

23.55 Sheila McSweeney

Hometown hero Sheila’s fairytale run came to an end here in Killarney after she ran A5 into AQ on an Ace high board which cost her her tournament. A very credible run from Sheila!

23.40 Brendan Harte out in 12th

After an hour of tedious play and where tensions rose to breaking point after a floor decision Brendan Harte shoved his last 350k from middle position. Geoff Healy re-raised all in

Geoff: AK
Brendan: KsJd

Qd 10d 4s

Decent sweat with Brendan flopping an open-ender


More outs on the turn with a flush draw

2s on the river missing all Brendan’s draws!

22.35 Robert McDowell run finished

With blinds at 20-40k Robert McDowell found a hand to shove his 400k in with. Geoff Healy reraised all in to isolate.

Geoff: AK
Robert: A 10


Q J 3 5 3

We have our 14th place finisher in Robert McDowell


John Hanaphy and Michael O’ Grady have both just doubled up in respective pots.

In hand 1:

Geoff Healy raised UTG to 80,000 at the 20k-40k level and John Hanaphy reraised allin for 440,000 with Geoff making a crying call.

John: QQ
Geoff: 10 10


Jd 5d 8c 5c 6c

John doubles to 900k while Geoff drops to 1 million

In hand 2:

Alan Daly raised his button to 90k. Michael O’ Grady re-raised from the small blind for 368k

Alan Flannery then moved all in from the big. Alan Daly folded after a little moan!

Alan: AQ
Michael: 88


9 9 7 8 2

Michael up to 800k and Alan drops to 1.4 million

22.00 Henry Port gone in 15th

With the blinds at 15,000-30,000 Henry Port raised all in for 307,000. Sheila McSweeney called from the small blind for a similar stack.

Henry: AK
Sheila: 10 10


5s 9c 4s 2c 8d

Hometown favourite Sheila fades the overcards to climb to 700k while Henry takes home ‚¬750 for his 15th place finish


Henry Port


Denis Glynn coolered

Folded around into Geoff Healy in the small blind who raises to 65,000. Denis Glynn 3bet all in for 420,000 with a quick call from Geoff

Denis: JJ
Geoff: QQ


As 3s 4c





Denis is out in 16th and Geoff moves into the lead with 1.6 million

21:10: Blinds are up!

15,000-30,000 – 3,000 ante
Average 560,000
16 players left


3 players have made it to a million. Gavin Murphy is the new chip leader with 1.4 million after winning a flip against Michael Donnelly

Ciaran Cooney took a little unconventional route at getting to the million mark. Folded around to him in the small blind and he limped for 24000. Niall Higgins shoved from the big for 180,000

Ciaran took a complete gamble in his own words and called showing Qc9c, Niall had 55


9x7x3 gave Ciaran a commanding lead





Ciaran goes over a million

20.45 1 MIRRION!

Alan Flannery has negotiated his stack over the 1 million mark!


alan flannery

Remy Roullon also exited in 22nd place. Alan Daly raised to 60,000. Remy moved all in from the small blind for 178,000

Ciaran Cooney re-raised all in from the big blind which got the fold from Alan

Ciaran: AK
Remy: QQ

A J J K 2

Remy collects ‚¬600 for his efforts while the Diceman gets to the 800k mark.



Neil O’ Leary

Neil O Leary

Martin Noonan
Michael Mason
John O’ Brien
Barry Leen


Down to 3 tables and the players are currently redrawing for the final 3 tables. 24 players remaining

You chip-leader is currently Gavin Murphy who has been building over the day since starting with 60k. He is currently siting on 875k

Alan Daly is waiting in the wings on 820k. He has plenty of experience in the IPO Dublin as he final tabled in 2013.

Liam Delaney has plenty of experience of live events at this stage. Unfortunately for him he is usually the one on the microphone as T.D but he seems well up to the task and is sitting pretty on 800k

18.40 Movers and shakers!

Geoff Healy – Geoff is going for back to back IPO Tour final tables after his runner up finish in Galway and is well in with a shout!

CBrian Ryan - Geoff Healy

Ciaran Cooney – under the radar with 300k

Ciaran Cooney

Henry Port – Final tabled IPO Dublin in 2011 and not shy of a deep run

Henry Port

Gavin Murphy – 500k in chips and a dream. Kanturk’s finest

Gavin Murphy

Dragos – Romanian wizard


Liam Delaney is very close to the chip-lead. Liam currently owns the Atlantis and unbelievably went back to Carlow to work last night before todays action. 750k in chips

Liam Delaney

18.30 CARNAGE!

Plenty of action as the shorties fling their chips in hoping for the spin now that they have some dough locked up.

Down to 32 players at the moment:

39th Michael Murray
38th Stuart Reale
37th Damien Hogan
36th Tony Smith
35th Stephen O’ Donoghue
34th Dermot Fleming
33rd Ger Fleming – got horribly counterfeited with 66 on a paired board
32nd Vincent Connor


No blog for the past 20 minutes as we went to hand for hand action and I set up shop by the tables in the hope of catching the bubble hand. There were two players all in on the bubble. Mark Moriarty doubled his short stack against Michael Daly with a Jack on the river.

On an outer table Adrian Adryjanek from Poland was all in for 57k and called by Alan Daly. After the rigmarole of hand for hand was finalised we got to see the hands. Adrian was in good shape with his AdQc against Alan’s Ac5h. All smiles!

Adrian Adryjanek (navy shirt) bubbles the Boylepoker IPO Killarney Main Event


Jh 4h Jc


Kh – Giving Alan the heart draw

4h – Naturally giving Alan the flush.

Adrian Adryjanek (navy shirt) bubbles the Boylepoker IPO Killarney Main Event

All smiles as he is told he still gets an IPO ticket to Dublin!

bubble after

17.45 Nicky Power Bust

Boylepoker pro exited the event in 41st place when his QJcc couldn’t out-race the 88 of Alan Flannery. Nicky had shoved his last 100k in.


6c6h5c Ad 6s

17.10 Bubble looms!

43 players remaining with 39 getting paid but the chips are flying. Chip leader is Liam Delaney on 675k closely followed by Gavin Murphy from Kanturk on 530k.

John Hanaphy climbed above the 500k mark also taking out two players in the process.

All in pre against Brian Warren and Bob Tait

John: AA
Brian Warren: AK
Bob Tait: JJ

2h 4h 2s 8c 2c


48 players left so we are 9 from the money so the action might start to slow down now.

Average stack is 233k with blinds at 5k-10k


Irish Open Champ Patrick Clarke
Deccy Cassidy
Rohan Pereda(Chip leader after day 1)
Pat O Flaherty
Peter Cahill
Jean Phillip
Karl Evoy


A strong contingent of Cork players came to battle in Killarney for the weekend with Tadhg Ryan(290), Martin Noonan(200k), Ger fleming(150k) and Gavin Murphy(140k) still in with a shout.

Tadhg Ryan

tadhg ryan

Ger Fleming

ger fleming


Ciaran “Dice75″ Cooney doubled up. He shoved from the cut-off for 56k and got called by the SB

Ciaran: KK
Small blind: AQ

2d 4s 9c 3s Qc

Ciaran doubles to 115k

Ciaran Cooney

Ciaran Cooney


Keith Cummins busts. Folded around to Nicky Power in the SB who shoves for 100k(13bb). Keith calls it off from the BB

Nicky: K9
Keith: A7

Board came King high to cripple Keith in the battle of the baldies! Keith exited shortly after.

Nicky Power tunrs his cards over


A lot of action in the 4k-8k level

Denis Glynn went all in UTG for 60k and Cormac McGinty re-raised all in for 140k. Vincent Connor called all in for 135k

Denis: JJ
Cormac: AQcc
Vincent: 10 10


5 2 8





Denis trebles up, Vincent collects the side while Cormac is left with 1BB

Cormac McGinty unfortunately busted next hand

Cormac McGinty

Happy go lucky Scottish-Dingle man Bob “The Kilted-shark” Tait is still in the mix with 150k and he’s got his game face on today!

Bob "The Kiltedshark" Tait


Alex Tikhoniouk just got a cruel beat in a 400K pot. Shortstack Sean McCarthy threw his 3bb in UTG and Michael Daly re-raised all in from middle position for 180k(30bb). Alex called for his tourney life with AK

Sean: 10 8
Alex: A K
Michael: K 10


10 8 4 J 2

Sean scoops the main(but small!) pot with 2 pair but Michael binks the 10 for the 370k side pot!

Alex Tikhoniouk

15.30 Big update!

Sheila McSweeney has just taken the chip-lead here in her hometown Killarney in a huge 500k pot!

Liz Kelly was the unfortunate woman who got her stack decimated to over 50k. It was an all-in preflop hand with a classic race of AK vs JJ. Sheila was all in for her tourney life for her 260k

Liz Kelly had the AK and Sheila had the Jack.

JACK on the flop had Liz nearly drawing dead but she still a chance with 50k

14.30 Random updating!

Rohan Perera lost a good chunk of his stack. I got to the river in a pot that contained ~100k. The board read:

10d Qd Jh 6c 4s

Rohan had checked the river to Kevin McCarthy who eventually checked showing AQ for top pair top kicker which just out-kicked Rohan’s KQ

In other news Ciaran “Dice75″ Cooney is still in on 130k. Plodding along for the past 2 days with average stack this stage of the tourney is where he may shine.

Bob “the Kilted-shark” Tait is still in on 130k, which may be average for the tourney but he is on a table that is very weighted down with chips!

Irish Open champ is still in on about 100k, but he may be suffering with a beer and omaha cash hangover!

14.10 Break-Time!

95 players left out of 376. Only 56 more to go before the money!

Blinds 2000-4000 with an average stack of 118k when we come back!


Alex Tikhoniouk started the day as 2nd lowest in chips but has made unbelievable strides since the start! He got his 8 bigs in with Ah9h vs Jack and hit the ace. He then got his 40k in with KK vs 66 and held. Then built his stack up and got a big bluff through with 9c6c on 10 4 2 Q board. Currently sitting on 170k

Ciaran Lordan also has made good strides starting with 50k doubling up with Kings and another big one with Queens. Currently sitting on 140k


Shorties are getting knocked out at the rate of knots. The first level has just finished and we have lost 25 players out of the 150 starting. There is plenty of play at this stage with an average stack of 90,000 at the now 1200-2400 level so no bones about the structure yet. There was a few sub 15 big blind stacks which were always going to spin it up or bust. Among the not so lucky:

Kieran “Croc” Walsh
Local player Gary Kerrisk
West Cork Timmy O’ Sullivan
Gary Collins
Ken Burgess
Orlaith Dineen

There chips had to go somewhere. Liz Kelly has made a move above 200k while Bob Tait – The Dingle Scotsman – is hovering about 180k.

John Enright just lost a big pot vs Robert McDowell. John raised pre from middle position and Robert 3bet the button. John defended and they saw a flop.

Kd 3d 6d

John led for 6000 and Robert re-raised to 15000. John 3bet all in and Robert tanked called for 42k

John: KsQc for top pair
Robert: Ah Jd for the Jack high flush

5s on the turn

5d on the river to fill a flush for Robert!

12.20 Over the past three days 374 players have sat down on day 1 to battle it out for a spot in day 2. 150 players made it in to today and they have their sights set on the ‚¬20,250 first prize!

The seat draw is done and dusted and is available on this link:


Leave a comment if you would like an update on any player left in during the day. My name is Switchy or Eoin btw!

Renowned T.D Nick O’ Hara has instructed the dealers to shuffle up and deal. We are playing down to the final table today but the first hurdle for the players is to get in the money! 39 out of the 150 players will walk away some extra dosh with the winner taking home ‚¬20k