IPO Killarney – Final Table!

IPO Killarney Final Table!

17.30 Tadhg Ryan wins the IPO Killarney

We have a winner down here in Killarney. After 4 days of action on the tournament tables it all came down to 1 hand and 1 flip. From 5 players out Tadhg Ryan’s aggression paid off and gave him a 5 to 1 chiplead when heads up play commenced.

The heads up match lasted all of 1 hand. All in from Alan Flannery and a call from Tadhg. Alan flipped over the Ace-Jack of diamonds with Tadhg ahead with pocket eights.


10c 8d 6c

Tadhg flopped a set of eights and had Alan drawing to runner-runner.


The three of hearts was not one of the runners and the title was Tadhgs!

Tadhg fist bumping with friend Liam Chevalier after winning the IPO

winner winner

Tadgh Ryan IPO Killarney Champion

Boylepoker IPO Killarney 2014 Main Event Winner Tadhg Ryan - joined by friends

Alan Flannery was a very gracious player all the way through throughout the 3 days and went so close to keeping the title in Killarney but alas it was not to be. Maybe next year!

alan flannery

That my friends is a wrap from me. An incredible three days down in the sun here in Killarney. I had a lot of fun blogging and shooting the breeze with all the players over the weekend and as usual with Killarney and Irish poker the bar was pretty good banter during the weekend! A big thanks to Danny Maxwell for all the photos over the weekend. It really does add some spice to the blogs and thanks to all the boylepoker staff for giving me the chance to laugh at all the Dundalk accents!

Thanks to T.D’s Nick and Ros for leaving me in and around the action and to Stephen McClean for recommending me for this role! Catch you at the next one…


17.15 John Hanaphy gone in 3rd

Tadhg made it 400k on the button, call by Alan. Re-raise all in by John Hanaphy! Tadhg cuts out the 2.6m needed to call and pushes it over the line.

John: AK
Tadhg: 99


10h 4d 3s 8c 4c

Tadhg wins the flip and takes a commanding lead into heads up play! 9 million vs 2 million

John Hanaphy - Tadhg Ryan

17.00 Final 3

After a crazy hour where we lost 5 players we are down to three players. Alan Flannery, John Hanaphy and Tadhg Ryan have made it through the large field over the past 3 days. It’s a battle between a Corkman, a dublinman and a Kerryman. Is John going to take the trophy and the money up to Dublin or are the two lads going to keep it in Munster.

Tadhg currently has the advantage chip wise after a big double against Alan amidst the knockouts when his A4 out-ran Alan’s 55s. This was a catalyst for the fearless Tadhg to start changing gears and he has fought his way to 6m in chips with the others sitting on 2m.

16.45 Ciaran Cooney gone in 4th

Former UKIPT finalist Tadhg Ryan raised UTG to 320k at the 80-160k level. Ciaran 3bet from the small blind for 1.8m. After some humming and hawing with a little table talk Tadhg made a quality all.

Tadhg: A 10
Ciaran: Qh6h

Board comes Ace high and Ciaran makes the quick exit off back to the big smoke albeit ‚¬5410 richer!

16.30 Alan Daly gone in 5th

Alan Flannery has continued his dominance of this final table and Alan Daly just ran into another of Flannery’s monsters. Daly raised to 250k from the small blind into Flannery’s BB. Flannery opted to just call.


Qh 9h 6d

Allin from Daly and a quick call from Flannery. This was a 3 million pot.

Alan Daly

Flannery: KQ
Daly: QJ

10 on the turn for an extra sweat

J on the river giving Daly two pair but giving Flannery the straight! Alan Daly heads back to Limerick with ‚¬4850

16.15 Liam Delaney bust in 6th

Altantis Casino owner Liam isn’t quite used to being at the other side but he has breezed through this tournament field like an experienced pro. Unfortunately at this stage you just have tLo get the hands and the spots didn’t come. He pushed for 7bb from the small blind into Tadhg Ryan who called

Tadhg: AQ
Liam: QJ

Board came 7 high and no jack ball for Liam. He takes ‚¬4310 for 6th back to Carlow

16.10 Paul O’ Brien gone in 7th

Paul O’ Brien raised from UTG for a large stack of greys which were committing him to any reraise. When Alan Flannery did just that from the SB Paul sigh called for the rest of his chips which were 1.38m in total. Alan had him well covered with about 600k left over.

Alan: AhKc
Paul: Ad10d


No real sweat for Alan as the Dingle native breaks the 3 million barrier and overtakes Ciaran Cooney as chip leader

15.50 Ciaran Cooney doubles

In what may be a significant pot in this tournament Ciaran Cooney just got a timely double up. With the blinds now at 60-120k Alan Daly raised 380k from UTG. Ciaran shoved from the hijack for 900k

Alan had a quick count of his stack and announced call. The cards were flipped over, and you guessed it, we were off to the races

Ciaran: QhQc
Alan: AdKc

10h 5h 8c

Ciaran calls for the 2h on the turn and the dealer duly obliges


This gives Ciaran a flush draw which blocked 2 of Alans 6 outs.


Ciaran gets over the 2 million mark for the first time and Alan drops to about 1.2m

15.35 Geoff Healy gone in 8th

Geoff did not have the rub of the green on this final table getting some raises snapped off and losing a decent pot to Alan Flannery.

In his bust-out hand Alan Daly raised UTG to 200,000 and it folded to Geoff in the small blind who shoved for his 500,000.

Geoff: As9c
Alan Daly: KdQd

Geoff Healy



Geoff knew the writing was on the wall. He was putting the proverbial jacket on, all the while praying for the ace from space..



Giving Alan a flushdraw killing one of Geoffs aces.



Completes Alans flush and Geoff walks out the door ‚¬3255 richer even if an IPO tour title eluded him once again.

15.20 Fiddling with numbers

After a little chat while the clock stopped the players agreed to take a little off the top to flatten out the payouts to the next 3 out. The players seem to think this will speed and loosen up play. The new payouts are:

Pos: Prize
1 ‚¬18250
2 ‚¬10050
3 ‚¬6280
4 ‚¬5410
5 ‚¬4860
6 ‚¬4310
7 ‚¬3755
8 ‚¬3255

14.50 Blinds are up!

We have been playing the final table for 55 minutes so far with not much change since the start, Blinds are now moving to 50,000-100,000 with an average of 1.4m so this will chase the action somewhat. It really is a very tight final table. No clear chip leader with everyone between 1m and 1.9m so if one of them clash this could knock it wide open!


Double up for Paul O’ Brien! Folded to Paul in the SB and he raised all-in for 675,000. Quick call in the BB from John Hanaphy

John: Ah9h
Paul: 10s5s


Qs 9s 6d Jc 8s

Paul had a world of outs on the turn and it arrived on the river doubling him up to 1.4 million and giving him room to breathe.

14.15 There’s a rail forming at the moment here in the Gleneagle. It’s mainly the WAGs hoping for their next shopping funds. The other rail is the poker buddies hoping for the session when their friend scoops all the monies! Come on down for some final table fun. Cash table with 6 players open too who are a bit boisterous!


First blood to John Hanaphy. John just took a little pot off the chip-leader Alan Daly. John raised to 120,000 from middle position with Alan defending from the blinds,

As Ks Qs

Such a wet flop was always going to go check-check


Alan checks to John who bets 175,000. Alan fold showing an Ace to which John proclaims Kd Jd


It’s finally here! Players are taking their seats and ready to rumble. Play is about to get underway just after they get the formalities of of the photos done and dusted! I’ll be following all the action throughout the day with all the funky hands and banter.

We are starting at the 30,000 – 60,000 level
Average stack is 1,482,000
8 players remaining


The room is set-up and ready to go for the final table of the inaugural IPO Killarney. The final 8 players were decided at about 12pm last night and I’m sure some of them celebrated in the bar in the good old fashioned Killarney style. Before they made their way to the bar we got them to say a few words, so here are our players!

Seat 1:

Ciaran Cooney

Name: Ciaran Cooney

Occupation: Rolling dice

Town/city: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 1989

Biggest poker win: Few ‚¬10kers

Favourite poker player: Nicky Power by a mile!

Other interests besides poker: Sleeping

Quote: Where is the bar?

Seat 2

Paul O'Brien

Name: Paul O’ Brien

Occupation: QC Associate

Town/city: Lucan

Country: Dublin

Length of time playing poker: 9 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬2,500

Favourite poker player: Stu Ungar

Other interests besides poker: Football

Quote: If luck closes the door, you gotta come in through the window.

Seat 3:

John Hanaphy

Name: John Hanaphy

Occupation: Company Director


Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 20 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬4,500

Favourite poker player: Liam Delaney

Other interests besides poker: Watching sports

Quote: Second in last

Seat 4:

Liam Delaney kicks back & relaxes

Name: Liam Delaney

Occupation: Company Owner – Atlantis Casino, Carlow

Town/city: Carlow

Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 10 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬6,500

Favourite poker player: Fionn Sherry

Other interests besides poker: Work

Quote: Shuffle up and deal!

Seat 5:

Geoff Healy

Name: Geoffrey Healy

Occupation: FX Trader

Town/city: Galway

Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 5 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬17,000 in IPO Galway

Favourite poker player: Ivey

Other interests besides poker: Golf

Quote: “Better lucky than good”

Seat 6:

tadhg ryan

Name: Tadhg Ryan

Occupation: Farmer

Town/city: Cork

Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 10 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬10,000 live, $17,000 online

Favourite poker player: Michael “the grinder” Mizrachi

Other interests besides poker: Soccer, GAA

Quote: Did you hit the gutshot again Peter?

Seat 7:

Alan Daly

Name: Alan Daly

Occupation: unemployed

Town/city: Limerick

Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 6 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬11,000

Favourite poker player: Gus Hansen

Other interests besides poker: Spending time with his beautiful girlfriend(I swear she didn’t write this!)

Quote: Stay quite Brendan

Seat 8:

Alan Flannery

Name: Alan Flannery

Occupation: Builder

Town/city: Dingle

Country: Ireland

Length of time playing poker: 40 years

Biggest poker win: ‚¬1900 in Macau

Favourite poker player: Daniel Negreanu

Other interests besides poker: Golf and socialising

Quote: River me!