IPO weekend

Pretty legendary weekend at Boylepoker IPO. I played 1a to try give myself the best chance of getting to Day 2 with a stack as I was willing to fire all 3 bullets. I made it through with starting stack…………..I love it when a plan comes together. I started off well and got up to 90k and then things went array until the end of the day. 28k still left me with  14 bb’s and when I won Galway I came back with 65k so I wasn’t panicking.
The IPO Dublin 2014 ended up breaking a few records with over 1650 runners so well done to all the organizers. With the Irish Open number in steady decline you often hear poker is dieing etc, what this shows is poker is more popular than ever people are just broke and becoming less broke. The future of Irish poker is bright. With such a crowd one thing was for sure the bar was going to be some craic.
I was thinking to get out there for 8ish on Saturday, I had seen Nicky Power and bottles of wine appearing on Twitter from about 5. I made up for my late start by finishing at 9 a.m which left enough time for 3 hours sleep before Day 2, some had to help the Buck get through the 40 Jager bombs he bought. I got an early double along with a few shoves through. When I flopped a flush in 5 way pot I was thinking here we go. My flush was 8 high and somebody else managed to find the Ace high flush. Nothing worse than thinking you trapped some poor soul than realizing that poor soul is you.
Thanks to Boylepoker for a great weekend.
Massive well done to Kevin Killeen in the Ept London on his 3rd place finish. I played with him for a few hours on day 2 and its wasn’t hard to see why he having so much success. Lappin was telling me and Chub at last years IPO that this guy was going to do big things. Since then he won a UKIPT and 3rd in an EPT.