Irish Open preview

With the Irish Open looking set to have its lowest turnout in years  with very few travelling from foreign shores I think there will be good value in the betting markets  for those having a few punts. The turnout looks to be circa 400 if you listen to the tally men. I think we will be down 50+ good international pros with the event overlapping with San Remo. So this where my money has gone:

Rory Rees Brennan (aka The Irish Bilz): The Irish version of Dan Bilzeran, constantly posting pictures of fast cars and even faster women from exotic locations. He doesn’t play many tournaments but he’d still be one of my favourites for this event and a fair price of 80/1. If you were lucky to get some of the 175/1 you €™re sitting pretty but the 100/1 out there still represents value. He’s in good form; he took to Twitter before his latest holiday that he had 15 winning days in a row.

Dermot Blaine (aka Madra Rua): He resembles the fox both in looks and in cunningness at the poker table. He has won best Irish player at the GPI for 2/3 years now with good reason. He was 2nd in the JP Masters last week so another in fine form. Another 80/1 shot being offered at 125/1 and 100/1.

Sean Prendiville (aka The Goat): Again another pick from Farthing Wood here. Sean’s a nightmare to play against. It €™s all so mating season for goats at this time of year and seasonally  The Goat €™s results are very good at this time of year previously putting the Celtic Poker tour and JP Masters back to back. Another 80/1 pick available at 125/1.

Andy Black (aka The Mad Monk): Andy doesn’t play as much as he used to but his results are still very good when he does. Another who was at the JP Masters final table last week. With $4.2 million in career cashes he has the most of any Irish person and was at the final table 2 years ago. Ticks all the boxes to say Horses for courses. Should be 90/1 available at 125/1.

Daragh Davey (aka The Mongoose): All so at JP Masters ft and pretty impressive results over the last few years both live and online. I was busy snaffling the 200′s but there are still some 150′s out there which still represents massive value. I would also recommended backing his half-brother Cathal Shine at 200′s. They were both sired by the same stallion but different mares so you know the blood line is good. Give their twin like resemblance, it €™s probably better betting them as a package as it would be hard to tell the difference if you are watching the live stream.   Both should be shorter than 100/1 so plenty of value there.

Gl all playing and see ya in the bar for a few……