Irish Open

I headed down to the Irish Open on Thursday evening and played some cash instead of the Super Sat. I managed to pick up enough for my Main Event buy-in which was happy days. As predicted by many the numbers for the Main Event were down and it just crept over the 400 mark, which has sadly continued the trend of losing circa a 100 players a year for the last 3 years. Reduced numbers and buy-in has seen the prize pool fall from ‚¬3mil to ‚¬800k. To be honest I am not too sure anyone is to blame for this as most of the factors are economy related and poker saturation imo. The debate over the buy-in isn €™t as cut and dry as most people make out; I am taking an unusual stance and standing on the fence on this one. If you were to listen to the rumour mill it will revert back to ‚¬3500 next year, it shall be interesting how this impacts numbers. Also it €™s evident that the new owners of the Burlington/Hilton Double Tree don’t want it to be home of the Irish Open. They wouldn’t let anything happen in the bar, which resulted in the usually lively bar being pretty dead. All in all the proposed change of venue and buy-in for next year are key as this ship is sinking if something isn’t done.

My first day was pretty dreamy, I hit a duck twice on the river with combo draws which appeared to be a complete blank on both occasions yet it gave me a nicely disguised nuts which saw me finish the day on 110k for my 2nd Day 2 ever in an Irish Open. Unfortunately it was similar to my other day 2 experience with nothing going right. I finally got AK in v AQ to bring me back to average with 110 left. Q high flop and it was GG. That was me on the beer for a couple of days. I did play  one more cash session on the Monday and won small to show a rare all be it small profit.

Caught a flight to Singapore on Wednesday and avoided ending up in the Indian Ocean which is nice. Going to chill out here until Vegas and lead the quiet life. With the SCOOP just over a week away I €™m going to take the next week fairly handy as then it €™s fairly full on poker for the next 2 months or so.

Well done to Liam Chevalier on his 3rd place in the Irish Open, given by the amount of sharp people who had a piece you know he has to be a good player. When John Keown, Mick G and Zeik have all a few % you can tell there must have been value in the buy and plenty of it. I could do with a 100k result or so myself.