It’s possible!!!

Well Barcelona hasn’t gone to plan it’s fair to say. Played 8 tournaments and not a cash prize to show for it. It hasn’t been happy hunting for my roomies either, with the Gavinator and Dermot all so turning up a few Duck Eggs. With the exception of David Lappins cash  I haven’t heard of any other cashes by the Irish , which amounts to a pretty disastrous EPT for the Green White and Gold. Me, Dermot and Gavinator will all be happy to see the back of Barcelona as we pack our bags and head State Side for the $10 Million tournament in Miami, tomorrow morning.
It hasn’t been all bad news for the Irish though with Marc MacDonnell has done the impossible by winning the Sunday Million. I woke up just in time to see the deal of the century being brokered. I have heard of some crazy poker deals in my day but this one has to me the craziest. With $204k up top and Marc having just over 50% of the chips in play 5 handed they agreed to give him $196k and leave $20k up top for first, which was probably worth another $12k to Marc. So he effectively got more than 1st place money!!!! He didn’t run so well post deal and busted 3rd but with effectively 1st placed money banked it was some night. Super result Macker!!!