Join the PokerPlayer Priority Club and get extra poker value now!

All poker players love value and we €™ve just created something to give you that little bit extra. We €™ve launched the PokerPlayer Priority Club, a new scheme that rewards you with fantastic offers, exclusive PokerPlayer content, value-added tournaments and freerolls.  

Why join the Priority Club?

  • You €™ll get free and exclusive offers sent via email
  • You €™ll be able to play special tournaments and freerolls just for Priority Club members, offering excellent value. A recent Priority Club tournament had £1,000 added and only had 20 runners!
  • We €™ll give you advance notice of all the major PokerPlayer events and promotions  
  • Plus you €™ll get discounts and offers on a range of poker products and services all from trusted and approved PokerPlayer partners

How can I join?

Subscribe to the print version of PokerPlayer. Click here to subscribe now for just £12.99!

Or €¦

Open a new account with one of our partner sites and get a free 12-month subscription to PokerPlayer AND entry to the Priority Club.  

Or €¦  

Just email us at  with Priority Club in the subject line and let us know why you should be in the club! Use your best table talk €“ we €™re not easily swayed!

What happens next?

That’s it! Once you €™ve joined you don €™t need to do anything else. Just wait for the emails to arrive from the Priority Club and enjoy the value. It won’t ever cost you a penny, unless you want to take advantage of our fantastic value-added tourneys, and you won’t get spammed by third parties.  

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