Kingdom Come

It has been a very good weekend for people who I am a fan of. First up big congrats to Dagunman on his SCOOP success. John has run ultra-deep in so many recent big online series games, it was good to see a bit of justice and him converting in the weekends $2,000 6 max PLO.

These fields are filled with the best players on the planet and stuffing Phil Galfond heads up must of made the victory extra special. Huge kudos goes to John for the win, hopefully the start of a memorable summer for him.

Sunday was about railing the UKIPT as my buddy Derek Murray was running deep and the Players championship as my favourite golfer Herr Kaymer was back at his best for the first time in years.

Derek likes to get it quietly but has been crushing it online for a while now and I was very hopeful this could be a huge live score for him. Unfortunately he bust in 13th getting in preflop with an over pair. I have no doubt he €™d have went very close with the hold in that pot. The £12,000 is a nice payday and I €™m sure there €™s better to come in the near future.

I was very excited for the Players Championship Sunday night. I €™m not a big football fan but to put in context Kaymer is my Man Utd or Liverpool, I €™m just a huge fan of the guy. He €™s been out of the limelight for nearly four years now but had shown some form the previous week with his driving stats being particularly impressive.

Contrary to what a few of my m8 €™s believe I don €™t just blindly punt the man every week. My only bet on him this year was for the match play small and luckily I had a little bit on him last weekend at 90/1. It looked very easy for him before the storm interruption which ultimately made for great drama. Always sweeter with the sweat. Definitely my sporting highlight of the year so far.

It €™s only a month now to the IPO Killarney. There seems to be a real buzz about this event after the success of the IPO Galway. Killarney in June is a fantastic destination and I €™m really looking forward to the week, I €™m thinking of heading down early to take in a few of the fantastic golf courses in the area and making a week of it. A couple of rounds in Killeen and an IPO to finish the week is very appealing.

The satellite schedule for IPO Killarney is hotting up now on the Boylepoker client with 12 seats guaranteed each week.   Boylepoker are also extending the popular 20% added money promotion, whereby you can add 20% to any money you win at the IPO Killarney by simply playing a little on the site.

This event will be one of the highlights of the 2014 poker calendar, my advice is get in on the cheap through the Satts and get those points for the extra 20% of added prize money.