Las Vegas Nevada

I finally made it to Vegas with fellow Dusters Macker and Multi.

No matter how many times I have been here and how many bad experiences I have had you still feel like a kid on Christmas morning arriving at the start of the Wsop. 2 months of non-stop Poker with multiple tournaments each day paying telephone numbers for first, what more could a dreamer want. Going to go with the same approach as last year and concentrate on tournaments and play a little cash on my free days.


I am in form at the minute so I plan on really firing at tournaments so hopefully won’t be to many free days. It €™s a busy first week, got the $1k PLO tomorrow, a 1k NLH on Thursday, $1500 Razz on Friday (not that experienced in the game but should get big numbers and I love playing it so little treat for myself) and finally to close out Week 1 we got Day 1A and 1B of the Millionaire Maker. It would be fantastic to set the tone with and early cash. I will be keeping people update on Twitter, I won’t be going hand for hand like some others like to do, will be one at the start of the day with the event, then day end or my bust out o’ clock. Will try to do a couple of blogs a week but that really depends if I am winning or not. So if you €™re not seeing to many blogs look to twitter for the bad news.


My twitter is @Dagunman