Lots of Poker

It’s been busy enough for me on the poker front this month. Boylepoker have really upped their live game presence in recent times with the season’s series and a number of other excellent partnership games.

The Connacht Poker Open in Galway was another very successful tournament that I attended two weeks ago. No run in the poker but a super weekend’s craic. No surprise with my performance but it was nice of my roomie the all concurring Paul Carr AKA the Irish Ivey to give someone else a chance of winning on the weekend.

The weekend gone was the annual visit of the Norwegians to the City West. I wrote a lot about this event over the years and it’s quite frankly a specular celebration of poker that has to be experienced to understand.

I just played the two day JP Masters and managed my first cash of the year coming 36th for €1,200. I said to Paul going into the game that my main aim for the tournament was to get some badly needed table time with the Irish Open coming up this week. Happy to achieve this and I did play well for periods of the game but eventually dusted them off inside the money.

This coming weekends Irish Open will be my tenth attempt to win Irelands most prestigious event. I must admit to not fancying my chances as much as I would have six or seven years ago but I’ll give it my best shot.

I think the tournament has flopped a little over the last two years but hopefully that trend will be reversed this year with the return to the traditional €3,500 buy in. There certainly seems to be a good buzz about it with lots of big names confirming attendance on twitter.   

Watch out over the coming weeks for more excellent live offerings from Boylepoker.

April the 10th sees the retune of the exceptionally structured Megastack game to Dundalk, at the Crown Plaza hotel, with a €10,000 guarantee. Following shortly on April 24th is the €20,000 guaranteed one-day Classic at the Regency hotel.

Finally I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Masters at Augusta solved, so if you’d like a 66/1 winner then make sure to check out my post Irish Open Blog next week. I probably should add here my record at Augusta is horrific and I never make money there but surely I must be due!