M9 Blues

My mileage on the M9 has been piling up since the last blog. I was up and down that wonderful beacon of modern Ireland six times in the space of the week.


First up it was JP’s mini WSOP at the Village Green Club in Tallaght. The day started with a four ball at Tulfarris with Chris Dowling, Marc Mac and the Goat. Marc was giving it the Billy Big Balls on Twitter but it turns out he’s built from the same gutless putting mould as Downtown, so an easy victory for Sean and myself ensued.


I ran pretty well early in the tournament hitting loads of hands early. I lost a big pot to Waldo in level 8 that would have given me 10% of the chips in play with 85% of the field still in the tournament. I’d turned Broadway in the hand holding QJ while James had flopped a set. I was happy enough he filled up TBH, I’d have no idea what to do with a stack that big.


Day two started with 105k which was a little over average, 33 players left in and 12 paid. It started badly and soon I was very short getting my last six BB’s in blind on blind with J6os and outdrawing Ivan Tononi K9. It picked up from here and when the bubble bust I was playing 300k+.


That was to be the tournament peak. It was a fast but enjoyable structure, I think when the bubble broke average stack was 25 BB’s at 5k/10k so not much room for mistake which I made a couple of. I think I just lost focus but played two hands badly in succession and then shoved my last 16bbs over a cut-off raise with A3 5 handed and exited to nines.


It was back down the m9 for the 3rd time in 30 hrs, min cash in pocket and feeling a little annoyed. This event went to Galway again this year with Frank Dunleavy taking it down for the tribesmen.


The next week was more golf, this time up north. Marty, Tom Hanlon, George McKeever and myself played Georges lovely home course Roe Park in Limavady, and Castlerock. A very enjoyable couple of days, even with all the wagering dosh staying up North.


The concluding sixth trip for the week up the M9 was last Thursday for WPO 6-handed at the Regency. A fantastic tournament with over 1000 runners, unfortunately this was to be a brief visit. I left Waterford for the tournament at 11.00 and was home by 4.00 that afternoon.


The first hand I sat down for I called a 225 raise with AQs, then realised I made a mistake with the chips and had actually raised to 2,025. The original raiser, a French lady had the look of someone taking advantage of the situation when she clicked it back to 4025. My jam of the 20k starting stack definitely isn’t optimal but felt satisfactory when she snap folded.


I exited an hour later losing most of my chips when I 5-bet QQ and got my chips in on a Jack high flop verses AJ and couldn’t fade the 13%’er. Being honest, I wasn’t that gutted, it being Ryder Cup weekend. Much kudos goes to Tom Kitt for taking down the event. Tom was chip leader from a long way out in the event and converted, always an impressive thing to do, even more so six-handed.


Only 16 days now to the IPO Dublin and the numbers registering on the Boylepoker client are exceptionally strong. I’m getting a real sense of anticipation for the tournament this year with every poker players I’ve been in touch with recently looking forward to the event. There’s a full program of satellites up and running on the Boylepoker Client with loads of feeder options to the nightly super satellites. Boylesports has also priced up the event now with outright, EW and to reach the final table markets available.