May 2015 – WSOP Special

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0018_WSOPPreviewI paid money and stayed up all night to watch the ‘fight of the century’. As it turned out Manny Pacquiao injured himself a couple of weeks before, which meant I watched a man who couldn’t use his right arm face off against a man who used both of his to hold. The huge amounts of money at stake meant the fight wasn’t called off – the two men got their payday and we were the ultimate patsies.

Thankfully there’s another huge event in Vegas coming up – and this one will definitely live up to the hype. The end of season finales for both the European Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour mean that the World Series of Poker is on the horizon. A total prize pool worth hundreds of millions of dollars is up for grabs and this one hasn’t been carved up for just two superstars. In fact, if you can book the time off work you can hit Vegas and play for your share. The brand new Colossus event means that you can play for a bracelet and the biggest lump of the $5m guaranteed prize pool for just $565. Just over 0.1% of the amount some poor bloke paid for ringside seats to watch Mayweather dance.

There’s also the small matter of the $10k Main Event to determine this year’s world champ. We talk to Bruno Politano, who made the Main Event final table last year to find out what it’s like to play on poker’s biggest stage. And we’ve got tips that will help you win the Colossus from our very own Sofia Lövgren. We’ll be back with the winner of this new event next issue – and remember, it could be you!

Dave Woods, PokerPlayer Editor

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