More Action, Less Edge: Play PokerStars Power Up for Money

We know you like poker already.

How do you feel about poker mixed with science fiction, fantasy role play and esports?

PokerStars’ game-changing Power Up variation was introduced to the poker world at the PSC Barcelona last August and PokerListings got a first-hand impression of the new game.

We also spoke with Severin Rasset, PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operationsabout the idea behind it

As of this week, Power Up is now live on PokerStars for real-money play. The goal of the new variation is more action and less edge.

Will it become a must-play game for poker players? Here’s a quick look at the main features, the differences to regular Hold’em, the powers explained and more.

What is Power Up?

Power Up is a 3-player Sit-and-Go. As with every Sit-and-Go the goal is to collect all the chips — particularly because it’s played in winner-take-all format.

Miles Legend2

There might be more players at the table in later stages, PokerStars says, but for now the 3-player SnG is the only format available.

Game play follows the regular Texas Hold’em rules but it adds “special powers” that turn a lot of traditional Hold’em game play on its head.

How Power Up Works

At the core of PokerStars Power Up is the power to change the game in your favor by changing cards – your own, your opponents’ and the board cards.

There are nine different powers (at least for now). You’ll be dealt three of them at random at the start of the game.

You can use one power at a time. It’ll then be replaced by a random new one (but not one that you already have in your arsenal).

You are also provided with a certain amount of energy. Using a power will cost some of that energy. It says at the top of each power how much energy it costs to use.

When you run out of energy you can’t use any more powers. Every hand you don’t use a power you’ll get more energy in your “energy account.”

Every Power Revealed

PokerStars can add, remove and replace any of the powers at any given time to prevent players from developing an edge and to perpetually change the dynamic of the game.

Power Up Disintegrate


Here are the powers in place as the game went live this week. The order is alphabetical and doesn’t represent the quality or force of any power.

Clone – Passive; gives you the last power that was played in the hand instead of a random one

Disintegrate – Active; lets you destroy the community card just dealt when used on turn or river; when used on the flop, you pick the card for destruction

EMP – Passive; protects one card on the board from being affected from any powers your opponents might use

Engineer – Active; reveals the next three cards from the deck for all to see but you pick the one that’ll be dealt on the next street

Intel – Passive; reveals the top card of the deck for you before it’s being dealt for any of the streets still left in the hand

Reload – Active; discard one of your hole cards at the start of the hand and get a new one

Scanner – Active; lets you peak at the top two cards of the deck and discard one of them; your opponents will not know which card you eliminated

Upgrade – Active; gives you a third hole card at the start of the hand but you have to get rid of one of them before the flop

X-ray – Passive; lets you look at one of your opponent’s hole cards; neither of you can pick the one that’s exposed

NOTE: If a player goes all-in they lock the cards, visualized by red frames. When the cards are locked no more powers can be played.

power up avatars 10oct17

Who are you?

The Avatars

Contrary to regular Hold’em, you’re not just picking a screen name that you play with.

Instead you’re picking from a wide range of avatars like you do in fantasy and video games. Every avatar has its own unique history and personality.

The avatars have no actual influence on the game, though (albeit maybe a psychological one). Says Severin Rasset:

“…we believe it will make a difference for you and how you play depending on which avatar you pick. It’ll show some part of your own personality and that’ll be different from one person to the other.”

Check the PokerStars Lobby Now!

PokerStars Power Up should be live as you read this although it did go offline temporarily during its launch week.

Power Up screenshot

Play now!

Availability in international markets will added one by one so the game won’t show up everywhere at the same time.

When Power Up goes live on your market it’ll appear in the lobby in the top tabs next to “Cash,” “Zoom,” “Spin & Go” and so on.

Play PokerStars Power Up or any other poker game on PokerStars for real or play money any time you want.

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