New report shows changes in the gambling industry across the UK

New figures have been released which show the changes in the gambling industry in the UK over the past five years

Last month, The Gambling Commission published new statistics on the changes in the gambling industry in the UK. Grosvenor Casino produced a visual representation of the figures and the way companies have engaged with their audiences from 2009-2014.

Over the past five years there has been a rise in the number of active premises, with the exception of the Gala Coral Group who were bought by Rank Group. This added to the 110% sharp growth of the Rank Group as a whole.

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As the number of active premises increased, so have the number of people employed in the industry. However, there was a small drop in 2014, which could be put down to increased use of technology and more specialised careers within the trade.

The drop (amount of money exchanged for chips in a casino) and win (the amount the casino retains) figures were announced as part of the gambling commission’s annualised report, and the highest drop for all games was in 2014 at a total sum of £253,730,000.

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Look north

They also looked at which parts of the UK gambled the most and found it’s more popular in the north of England – a staggering 5.4m took part in 2014. There was a marked difference between the north of England and the rest of the UK. Gambling was least popular in Scotland.

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London saw a steady increase in customers, with outer London providing a much greater gaming base than the ‘high end’.

The games

American Roulette has had a surge in popularity over the past three years and is now back to where it was in 2009, after big dips in 2010 and 2011. These figures take into account drop, win, average number of machines and gross gambling yield.

By contrast, the popularity of Casino Stud Poker has dropped rapidly over the past five years – from 66 tables in 2009, to only seven in total across the UK in 2014.

The statistics also outline the latest in Blackjack figures, including drops, wins, machine figures and gross gambling yield.

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