Next Stop Las Vegas Nevada

Well the rest of the SCOOP went so so.

Managed a few more cashes with   2 14th’s in High events and a few cashes in Medium events. Needless to say I was very happy with how the SCOOP went and with how I played. I felt my form dipped a little towards the end as I put in 8/12 hour session night after night. With my flight to Vegas booked for next Monday it was time to chill out and recharge the batteries once it was over. Going to have a few well deserved beverages this weekend. Going to try and avoid betting on Saturday as it coming up to my 2 year anniversary to signalled the beginning of the end for my bankroll. Setanta wouldn’t let me forget with a timely repeat of the show 2 nights ago. David Lappin was kind of enough to send on a picture of me capturing all the misery just after Drogba scored.

As ever, really looking forward to Vegas as most poker players are the week before they go. Usually doesn’t take too long until Vegas reminds you of why it exists. The great thing of not having too much to your name going there is that you know you can’t be made a complete sucker of. Me, Macker and Multi are in the initial   landing party with most of the lads following out shortly after.

In decent form going out really hope I can continue it out there. A few years back I won 2 ECOOPs on Boylepoker before I went out to the WSOP and had   a shocking Vegas so I am not taking anything for granted.
We are getting a Chef again, we all agreed having a Chef > than a personal trainer. It’s a must with 8 lads in the house. Hopefully I will be able to do some plundering on my full stomach.