Niall Farrell: Events Like These Help to Get Through Swings

Scotland’s Niall Farrell had his breakthrough on the international live stage when he won the EPT Malta main event in 2015.

He didn’t stop there.

He’s followed up with final tables at the FPS in Monte Carlo, the $111k buy-in One Drop in Las Vegas and a win at the WPT Caribbean in Punta Cana just this past November.

He’s currently #17 on the Global Poker Index and also one of the most popular and affable players on the tour.

The former car phone salesman got a personal invite from 888poker to play the Make It Big Rozvadov festival and he’s making the most of it with a top 5 chip stack and just 18 players left.

We caught up with him yesterday to find out how his deal came about, who’s here with him and whether he prefers the pints or the poker.

ludovic geilich

Geilich: Also making the most of his trip.

PL: What’s your deal with 888poker?

Niall Farrell: Well, they were nice enough to invite me here and I had no other obligations so I gladly took the invite.

I don’t know if there will be any follow up to this. For now I’m just happy that they brought me here.

PL: You’re not the only Scottish bloke here, though.

NF: True, I brought Ludovic Geilich with me. I told him I was going here and asked if he wanted to join. He loves the game so it didn’t need much to convince him to come over.

So, I’m responsible for him to be here but I’m not responsible for what he does.

PL: You’ve played in big events all around the world. How does this event here compare?

NF: Obviously, this is different. You have to face up to different situations. The buy-in level is a little bit lower here so you’re facing a lot more recreational players.

They might not be as good as the top guys in other events, so you want to adjust your game to take advantage of that … (thinks) … saying that, I’ve not won a hand since I got here (laughs). So I mean in theory.

(Ed. note: This was before he started racking up all the chips on Day 2)

PL: What’s more important for you, larger prize pools or lower level of play?

NF: It’s a little bit of both. Mostly it’s down to how much money you can expect to earn from each event.

With this one here you have a higher ROI but lower buy-ins. In an event with an €800 buy-in even if you had a 200% ROI, which is huge, you would only make €1,600.

niallfarrell 3

Plenty of chip stacking to be done.

Compared to that if you play a €25k and you only have 10% ROI, you would make €2,500 — a lot more despite a lower ROI. But events like these help.

You can make money a little easier and it helps you to get through the swings in the higher buy-in events.

PL: You’ve been described as a “guy who looks like he only wins tournaments to finish off and go for a pint,” Does that sound like you?

NF: (laughs) Well, one or the other pint is always good and I definitely enjoy it, it has to be said. But most of the time I enjoy poker tournaments – mostly.

PL: Are you going for a pint later?

NF: Absolutely.

PL: Thank you, Niall Farrell.

Farrell’s money-making plan seems to be working as he’s deep within the final two tables and in prime position to scoop some of the €200,000+ left to distribute at the final table.

His pal Ludo is right there with him and you can watch it all, cards up, with commentary right here.