On table buy-ins and on how to justify a game feature

Last week, back from my eight week semi-hiatus, I began attacking my long  to-write blog list. But as often is these days, time forces me to go with the flow and the flow decided to soak a subject quite far down on that list.

It’s not a big issue in itself, but it is indicative of a much larger issue – the failure and/or unwillingness of the online poker industry to break free of live play norms.

I call the piece “End the Spread” and it deals with the standard practice of offering a buy-in range at each stake level in cash games.

Since this is a very player oriented topic and because Quadjacks is a great platform in that it reaches across the self-important abyss that sometimes distances industry people like me and the players out there interested in the industry, that’s where you’ll find it.

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