Panama’s Xavi666 Soars to $1.1m Sunday Million Win

When your previous best online poker cash is $3,500 and suddenly you’re discussing a deal at the Sunday Million final table for hundreds of thousands, you take it, right?

Not Panama’s Xavi666.

Outlasting 55,000+ entries in the 11th Anniversary Sunday Million for a life-changing score just didn’t cut it for Xavi so he shut down talk of a deal 4-handed that would have secured him $663k.

Luckily for him, he held his ground and went on to win it all to collect the whole $1.1 million first-place prize for himself – and, we assume, make himself a legend in the Panamanian poker community.

$11.1m Prize Pool Smashes Guarantee

With a $10m guarantee it was no surprise poker players around the globe found $215 for the buy-in by hook or by crook. So many players entered (or re-entered) in fact, the prize pool soared to over $11.1m. 


Congratulations indeed!

The top 9,206 players shared in the money with $78,086 secured for making the final table.

It was an intriguingly global mix of players who prevailed all the way to the final nine with players from Panama, Sweden, Vietnam, Colombia, Belgium, the UK, Belarus and Australia representing.

Unfortunately for the two Aussies they got the smallest share of the purse when they busted in 9th and 8th.

The heads-up battle between Sweden’s Mouzen and Xavi666 was one of two players about to make poker dreams come true as Mouzen also had a career-best score of under $10k prior.

On the 4th hand of HU Mouzen must have thought his ship had come in when he found KK but Xavi666 hit a T-high straight on the turn and that was that. Mouzen’s runner-up finish was worth $785,999.34, though – a substantial climb from $10,000.

Read the full report of the 11th Anniversary Sunday Million playdown over in the PokerStars blog. Final-table results below:

4/2/17 Sunday Million 11th Anniversary ($215 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 55,835 (44,017 entries, 11,818 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $11,167,000
Places paid: 9,206

1. Xavi666 (Panama) $1,093,204.63
2. Mouzen (Sweden) $785,999.34
3. TranBrothers (Vietnam) $565,140.65
4. gabito h261 (Colombia) $406,341.44
5. girafganger7 (Belgium) $292,163.33
6. Peter804 (United Kingdom) $210,069.13
7. v0nder (Belarus) $151,042.60
8. NormyDozer (Australia) $108,601.30
9. RTAPEX (Australia) $78,086.36