Picking up the pieces

Just arrived home from Vegas late last night. By my lack of recent blogs one can assume correctly the last couple of weeks didn’t go to well. I managed one more deep run in the $3k limit hi lo for 30th odd and then bricked the rest. The main event was particularly frustrating never really made a hand and busted early day 2. Feel I could of made a better go it. After that I went heads up with the bottle which lasted for about 4 days and 4 nights. Its was fantastic fun while it lasted but all things that go up must come down and this was no different. Some unreal nights and days were spent at Vegas pool party and nights clubs but alas when the dust settled I was wishing I had taken Lappin advice and never ventured into Vegas. A couple of days in bed and then its the transatlantic flight.
I am back in my hq trying to but the pieces back together both mentally and financially. I will probably need a few more days to get the head right, then I can start on the financial damage. I think I played circa $50k worth of events and cashed for $30k, and lost about $50k in cash games leaving a grand total in the red of $70k. Pity I couldn’t built on the scoop victory but I haven’t had 2 winning months back to back in about 3 years so hardly any surprise there. Had a great summer all the same and was great crack in  the house with the 10 lads. Without getting a big result (6 figures) the house did ok a couple of k either side of break even. 3 of the boys had sweats in the main which all came unstuck pretty unluckily in the space of 2 hours late on day 4, ranging from lost flips to 4 outers.
There’s not much poker on for the next month and with the UFC in Dublin this weekend, Dublin playing Meath and some scorching weather looks like I might have to get back on it.