Poker On The Pan

So you know the score….

It’s Saturday afternoon, you’ve had a starch-heavy Friday night dinner and you are now reaping the rewards by sitting on the toilet, checking and updating Twitter and reading various anonymous labels within reach (FYI guys, do NOT pick up yer good woman’s toiletries as they will only scare you!).

But anyway, I digress.  You’re checking Twitter and you see a well-known poker pro tweet about this “competition” and that no-one has won it yet after being open for an hour or so and they implore you to take a go.  Ah-ha, there’s the rub eh?  So you dig a bit deeper and check previous tweets…

Turns out, this poker pro is offering 1% of any winnings (they’d already made min-cash) at this event to anyone who tweets in with the correct answer to a hand scenario; the same ones we all desperately try and solve in various different poker mags or sites every month but being as specific as naming the cards and suits.

So, as I literally have nothing better to do at that precise moment, I give it a go.  I pop my answer in a tweet, use the hashtag to get noticed/identified and wipe, wash and wave goodbye to my Friday night dinner!

Two hours pass and I check my Twitter; I had only gone and guessed the hand correctly! The Pro tweets his congratulations and also an update that he is down to final 3 tables of this event. WTF?! My fingers desperately bash about on my android phone like a drunk looking for change for one more drink…

“What can I win?!”

“What is first prize?!”

“Have I read this right?!”

Turns out the event was the UKIPT Marbella; first prize was 100,000euros and the Pro was none other than Jake Cody!!

As the day went on, he manages to negotiate himself to 4th overall in chips and seated at the final table.  On resumption of the final table, he ended up making a few mis-timed moves and running 9s into AA and eventually going out 8th for 13,030euros.  So I “won” 130euros, or £105, by taking a dump!

Oh, I forgot to mention… He also donated 1% of his winnings to a charity of my choice so *reaches for the tissues* I donated this to the hospice where my mum was looked after in her final few days.  Needless to say, I wanted to thank the guy!  Turns out, Jake was more than happy to sit down with yours truly and answer a few questions for us!

TP: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at The Pokeriety! So when and how did you start playing poker?

JC: When i was 15 i played for a local pub pool team and after every league game we played a £5 texas holdem sit and go, it was the first time i’d ever played and was instantly obsessed with it.

TP: What got you hooked?

JC: So many aspects of poker appealed to me straight away, i have an extremely addictive personality and the strategic side combined with the competitiveness was a perfect mix for me, i think i will always have a passion for poker it was just meant to be.

TP: What was your first “big” win? (ie not in terms of money insomuch as what was the win that really got you thinking that it could be profitable?)

JC: I guess theres been a few milestones along the way in my journey its going to sound relatively small now but i remember years and years ago i had just found online poker, wasn’t really looking at it like a profession i just enjoyed it and thought i could maybe win a bit of money here and there,  i played a satellite to one of the $215 sunday majors, won that and ended up going really deep and got 11th place for $2400 now even the $215 was huge for me at the time, $2400 was HUGE i grew up in a working class background i mean i had never seen that amount of money before it was insanely exciting, that definitely gave me a lot of confidence and a bankroll to continue playing and learning and developing as a player.  

TP: Who did you look up to when you first started playing; your “poker icon”?

JC: No doubt Phil Hellmuth, he was my hero, all of the old world series coverage and the blow ups, made for amazing tv and i read his book and watched every video of him playing he was the king when i got into poker…. maybe he still is.

TP: What tournament have you enjoyed playing the most?

JC: The WSOP main event really is something special, you can feel it in the air, the atmosphere is electric no other tournament comes close to it in that respect, i still dream about making the final table all the time.

TP: Where did you get the idea of #PlaywithJake from? How did it start, where is it now and do you think it can grow to be something bigger?

JC: It was something i randomly thought of earlier in the year, i get so much love and support on social media in the past few years i thought it would be cool to give something back, and do it in a way that gets people thinking about poker and situations and maybe even improving their own game and the way they approach it.

It’s still relatively new I’m hoping to push it more throughout the year. 

TP: When’s the next #PlaywithJake planned for, if at all at this stage?

JC: To be honest, I’m probably a bit too much a purist with it, like i really want to post really complex hands with difficult decisions where people can analyse the hand and while it might not be obvious they can narrow it down,   unfortunately with most of the WSOP events the structure is so quick and shallow that not many fun hands come up so i haven’t had many opportunities so far, but I’m playing day1c of the main event and planning to do at least one then. 

TP: What advice would you give our beginners out there who may want to become the next Jake Cody?

JC: Dedication, hard work, poker can be such a fickle game sometimes, you can be improving as a player but getting worse results than when you were much worse, its important to think about things in the long run and always question each play you make and even question the play of players you respect too, greatness does not come from being slightly better than average you need to try and think outside the box, be exceptional, be different.

TP: And finally….. you’re stuck on a desert island with food and water BUT no WiFi or shit, what 3 things do you take with you as you know you will be rescued in a few days (what would the world be like if we cannot rescue Jake Cody eh?)

JC: hahaha, umm well the first two are easy my girlfriend Alex and our daughter Arianna, then i guess something to hunt with so i can feed them lol

TP: Thank you for your time and good luck in the WSOP main event! Look forward to #PlaywithJake in the coming days!

JC: Thanks and it was fun!