PokerStars Revamps Software with Seat Me Tool

PokerStars launched a new tool called Seat Me today in attempt to protect casual players from hardcore grinders.

Seat Me essentially eliminates the ability to choose your own seat and target specific players in the PokerStars client.

The Seat Me tool also simplifies the game selection process and players should be able to jump into games as soon as they pick their desired stakes.

Seat Me will roll out initially on and if it’s successful there it will be introduced to other markets.

PokerStars Looks to Eliminate “Bumhunting”

Table selection or “bumhunting” as it’s colloquially known has been an issue across online poker sites for years. PokerStars is just the latest site to attempt to clamp down on the practice.

Interestingly the other Rational Gaming-owned site, Full Tilt Poker, was ahead of the curve when it eliminated table selection in 2015.

Jason Mercier 2

PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier

Eliminating bumhunting is just one feature of the software and Seat Me will also:

End seating scripts add-ons, which allow experienced players to prey on new or casual players.
Replicate the live poker experience of random seat draws.
Allow for penalties on players who constantly switch tables or steal blinds.

One downside of Seat Me is that it would effectively end the ability to observe other tables. Railbirds will still be able to see key hands in a showcase feed that will include Team PokerStars Pros.

Seat Me is one of many initiatives that PokerStars has introduced in the last two years to improve the new player experience.

One key component has been ending, or at least limiting, the ability to harvest hands for advanced data mining.

PokerStars is currently testing anonymous heads-up tables that would allow for HU competitors to be matched randomly.