Unfortunately I couldn’t end the year on a high in Prague. After an ok start a mistimed bluff left me grinding a small stack for several hours before I was put out of my misery. There was a few cashes for the Irish but no deep runs. Didn’t look like it was a good trip for the Irish but Dan Wilson binking the €1k event yesterday changed all that. As there always tends to be there was a crazy night out in Prague that I am still feeling the affects of. In my groggy hungover state I dragged myself to the airport yesterday just as I got out of the taxi I realized I had no passport. I rang Macker who confirmed I had left it in the room. With 1 hour to the flight and needing to make a trip minute across Prague and back they maths said I was goosed. I said asked the taxi driver to drop me home, he said he had a mate who lived close to my hotel and had a friend who was the owner of a 200 horse power motor bike. He got to the airport 18 minutes before the flight, with no bag to check in, it was a straight dash and I made it with 2 minutes to spare.
All that’s left this year in terms of poker is the creeps Christmas party, there’s always fierce competition to which group can go the wildest. The Firm upped the ante a few years ago when they all drank a shot. The newly established Grid played their hand early with a wild one in Galway a few week back. I’d be a backer that we should upstage them both.