Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Pub Poker



Champions Poker League is one of the most established in the UK. Players play in local venues to qualify for regional Area Finals in Casinos dotted across the UK. CPL holds a National Final annually, traditionally at Star City, Birmingham. Their website is quite dynamic, with a player forum that sadly isnt used much. Sponsored by Genting Poker, CPL remains a respected player amongst its peers.


Strong across the East Midlands and Lincolnshire, the DTD poker league offers its players a £5,000 cash quarterly played final by qualification from venues and also via online played. The finals are dealer dealt and hosted by Simon Trumper, with the final table streamed live over the internet using the DTD feature table. Fields for these finals can be large, with other poker leagues and societies also contributing players, but playing at the best poker specific facility in the UK is proving quite a draw for pub poker players.


Relatively newly formed, the Fair Play Poker League is heavily focused in the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire area - players playing in local venues and qualifying for the quarterly DTD Finals.


Grassroots Poker is growing fast and with massive cash prizes, that’s no surprise! You can be part of something Big! Simply turn up on the day & time at one of the Pub Venues and play for free, yes FREE! A Grassroots Poker season lasts 12 weeks, every time you play you earn points for the position that you finish in each game.


The poker league “by the players, for the players”. LPPL offers its players the most number of Area Finals per annum, with regional finals every 2 months, unique adhoc events and their Headline Event of the Year, their spectacular Festival of Pub Poker, which incorporates their National Championships, as well as their Champion of Champions, and other Championships - Team, Heads Up, Omaha amongst others. Venues are very well looked after, with exclusivity offered as well as holding Live Finals. National coverage, but extremely strong in the North East, Yorkshire and throughout Humber, Lincolnshire and the Midlands. In association with APAT.


Based mainly in the West Midlands, the Masters Poker League runs three qualification periods per year, with a National finals for the top players (numbers unknown) of Seasonal Final - the FT of each Seasonal Final winning a prize, with the winner getting a £1k seat into a UK event or a cash alternative. Good population of venues across Birmingham.


Of Dragons Den fame, Nuts Poker League continues to thrive with its franchised and regional operation. Sponsored by Genting, the Nuts Poker League also offer online and Home Game qualification into its quarterly Regional Finals. From these, players qualify for the annual National Finals - which are separate to Scottish and England/Wales players. Players pay a £10 buy in to these finals which contribute to the prize pot.


The biggest poker league in terms of number of venues across the UK, Redtooth are famed for taking 100 players to Las Vegas every year. Players can be part of Redtooth Las Vegas experience via a few methods - via the live poker league structure - local venues to Regional Finals to National Finals, via an Online League (played on the Grosvenor Poker software) and via the Redtooth Poker Tour - several direct buy in events held in Casinos across the calendar where winner(s) also get onto the plane for Vegas. 2014 winner of the Poker League of the Year award at the British Poker Awards ceremony.