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Poker Jargon

3-bet - a bet, a raise, and then another raise. The third action is a 3-bet.
6m - 6-max
9To - Nine Ten offsuit
AF - aggression factor
aggro - aggressive
AI - all-in
AKQJT - Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten
ATC - any two cards
Ax - An Ace with any second card
b/f - bet and fold to a raise
b3b - Hero’s plan is to bet, and then 3-bet if raised.
BB - big blind
BB/100 - # of bb’s won per 100 hands played
blocking bet - often a river bet made OOP when an obvious draw hits on the end, where you bet and fold to a raise
c/c - check/call
c/f - check/fold
c/r - check/raise
CB - continuation bet
check behind - to check when it’s been checked to you, usually after betting action on previous street
CO - Cut off, player one seat to the right of button
donkbet - either to lead into the PFR on the flop, or a tiny bet made in relation to the pot
effective stack - the smallest stack amongst the players remaining in the hand.
EP - early position
EV - Expected Value
FE - fold equity
Float - You call a bet with a marginal hand or draw, usually on the flop while in position, with the intent of stealing the pot on a later street.
FPS - fancy play syndrome
FR - full ring
FT - full table
FT - Full Tilt
FYP - fixed your post
goot - good
GT+ - Gametime Plus
gutshot - an inside straight draw
HH - hand history
HJ - Hijack, player two seats to the right of button
HSNL - high stakes no limit
HU - heads up
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
JMO - Just my opinion
KJs - King Jack suited
Kxx - refers to a King high flop
LAG - loose aggressive
LAP - loose passive
lc - low content
LHE - limit hold ‘em
LP - late position
meh - the sound you make when you shrug your shoulders signaling indifference; not great, not terrible.
MHIG - my hand is good
MHING - my hand is no good
minraise - raising the lowest amount possible
Monotone - a flop of all the same suit
moran - moron
MP - middle position
MSNL - mid stakes no limit
nh - nice hand
NL100 - number indicates the buy-in; this is No Limit, with $1 BB’s
NLHE - no limit hold ‘em
OESD - open ended straight draw
OESFD - open ended straight flush draw
OOP - out of position
OP - original post or poster
OT - off topic
OTB - On The Button
overbet - a bet amount larger than the current pot
Overpair - having a pair in your hand higher than the biggest card on the board
PA - PokerAce
PAHUD - PokerAce Heads Up Display
PF - pre-flop
PFR - preflop raise or preflop raiser
PL - pot limit
pot control - attempting to keep the pot small with a marginal holding
PP - Party Poker
pp - pocket pair
PS, Stars - PokerStars
PSB - pot-sized bet
PSR - pot-sized raise
PT - Pokertracker
PTBB/100 - poker tracker big blinds won per 100 hands played. A PTBB is 2xBB.
pwned - owned or pawned. Usually means you got outplayed.
Q73r - r = rainbow flop
QFT - quoted for truth
Rainbow - a flop of all different suits
reraise - raising the Pre Flop Raiser
SB - small blind
sc - suited connector
Semi-bluff - betting/raising when you have a draw.
set - flop is K42, you hold 44, you have a set
sLAG - slightly loose aggressive
SSNL - small stakes no limit
Stealing blinds - openraising in late position with less than premium hands.
Stop-n-Go - You bet, get raised, you call closing the action on that street, then lead out on the next street.
TAG - tight aggressive
thin value bet - usually a river bet made when it’s unclear if you are ahead or not
TP2K - top pair 2nd best kicker–You have KQ, flop K72, you have top pair, 2nd best kicker (the Q)
TPBK - top pair bad kicker
TPCK - top pair crap kicker
TPGK - top pair good kicker
TPTK - top pair top kicker
TPWK - top pair weak kicker
trips - flop is JJ8, you hold KJ, you have trips
UB - Ultimate Bet
UI - unimproved
UTG - Under the Gun, first player to act preflop
UTG+1 - Under the Gun plus one, second player to act preflop
VB - value bet
Villian is 24/10/3(98) - Pokertracker stats indicating VPIP/PFR%/AF (with preflop aggression taken out) over 98 hands
VPIP - voluntarily put money in the pot
WA/WB - way ahead, way behind
x-post - post made in more than one forum at one time