With a slow start to the SCOOP, buy-ins were starting to pile up and I was 0/6 in high events going into Saturdays $2k PLO. So as the night wore on I was pretty happy to lock up a cash. I needed top 9 to cover my SCOOP buy-ins to date so when I ft €™d there was finally some profit locked up. The final table was a bit of a mixed bag with the standout player being Phil Galafond, widely considered the best HU / 6 max player in the world. Eventually I was to find myself heads up with him. I remember hearing Padraig Harrington speaking about how he deals with playing Tiger Woods in match play situations. You’ve got to put your opponents ability out of your mind and just try play to the max of your ability and now and again you will sneak   a few. I felt I played my game and was fortunate to get a few breaks which saw me lift my first SCOOP title at a long heads up battle. Needless to say I was over the moon! There was just about enough money left after I cleared my $100k of make-up and paid off my swaps to take Multi for a big fry up.

One thing I was paralytically happy with was how fresh I felt throughout the 16 hours I played the tournament for. In the past when I have got down to these spots where your 13/14 hours deep I have felt it. So I made an effort to come in well rested and in good physical shape. Been eating really well (bar the victory fry up) and doing lots of cardio. If nothing again it gave me a mental edge at least thinking I was the best conditioned of these 5 guys at the final table.

If you’ve ever been in my company for more than 15 minutes you will hear me bang on about riding the hot hand. In my experience the results are like buses so I am going to hold off on any celebrations as I really feel like I have another big one in me between now and when I bust the WSOP Main. It nearly came last night. I came 15th in the 1k PLO turbo re-buy for $10k or so. It €™s basically bingo playing 4 card 4 bb’s deep but someone has to be lucky. I was 2/3 flips more anyway from another huge night.