Should of stayed on the Threadmill………

My intention to grind online over the Christmas was aborted after a heavy defeat online. Instead of ruining my Christmas I decided to enjoy the festive period and start again in the new year. So spent the next 2 weeks getting drunk, spending a day recovering, rinse and repeat. All in all pretty enjoyable. I didn’t go down to Galway to play the IPC as Galway generally means one thing and I was not in the mood for that given the preceding 2 weeks. Was a bit annoyed when I saw Paul Carr won it that I wasn’t down there for the piss up. Apparently there was a pretty epic night last night.

Paul Carr Wins IPC

I heard about a big game running in Luke Ivories new poker room in Rathmines. I heard there was €50k on the table Friday night, so I decided to wander in Saturday evening in search of a game. Found a lively 5/10/20 game with the 40 straddle being stuck on. I played for 6 hours or so and was happy to book a small win. Delighted with myself I headed to bed about 4 a.m in the Green and dreaming of a great 2015……… I head into the gym the next day about 1 p.m and ask Dermo how he got on last night after I left. To my surprise there was no closing figure on the balance sheet yet, they were still hard at it. I lasted 6 minutes 23 seconds on the thread mill before I couldn’t resist any longer. The game was just 500 meters from the gym. With a hop, skip and a jump I was back in there pumping away. Well more accurately pumping money away. I had a family dinner at 6 and was trying to come up with some excuses. Thankfully I didnt have to, by 5.30 I had lost the 10k I had bought in for and was on my way. Despite the result good to see a big game back around Dublin.