Sick Three-Way All-In Bursts Bubble in ‘Stars Millionaire Challenge

Russian online player nick2101983 is the newest millionaire on PokerStars but its his heads-up opponent cuonglc who’s getting buzz for a stunning hand he played in the Millionaire Challenge earlier this week.

The Millionaire Challenge is a free promotional event on PokerStars where players completed various poker challenges and were then entered into daily qualifiers.

From the daily qualifiers a total of forty-two players emerged for the Millionaire Challenge Final.

The payouts for the Challenge were particularly interesting as first place paid out $1m and second place took $30,000. Everyone else got zero.

That’s why the following hand by cuonglc took everyone by surprise.

cuonglc Busts Two to Lock Up $30k

Play in the Millionaire Challenge had gotten down to just four players remaining with nick2101983 the massive chip leader.

cash money

cuonglc found Q 7 on the button and decided to make a play by shoving all-in having both his opponents covered.

PokerRog found A 9 in the small blind and decided to call as did Nobody6799 with pocket sixes in the big blind.

The board ran out K 8 2 J 2 to give cuonglc the flush, knock out both players and lock up at least $30,000 for finishing in the final two.

The blockbuster hand also gave cuonglc a legit shot at taking down nick2101983 as the players were nearly even in chips by that point.

Alas it wasn’t to be for cuonglc as nick2101983 continued his strong play and eventually won the heads-up and secured the $1,000,000 first-place prize

You can check out the hand with commentary from PokerStars Team Online Pro Felix Schneiders via Twitch below:

More Millionaire Chances on PokerStars

If you missed out on the Millionaire Challenge but still want to win $1m there are some intriguing options coming up on PokerStars thanks to the 10 Millionaires in 10 Weeks promotion.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker Begins next week with two tournaments on the schedule that will pay out $1m for first place.

If you’re more into live poker than there’s also the PokerStars Championship Championship Monte Carlo, which is just getting started and will offer two tournaments with guaranteed $1m first-place prizes.

You can grab a PokerStars account by heading over to our review and signing up.