Step Into Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hey everybody! So. It’s Christmas, even the biggest scrooges among us are permitted as soon as it becomes December 24th, to drop the grumpiness and join in the festivities. Truth be told I think Christmas is great, everyone is Jolly and for 36 hours GOLD becomes half watchable. The thing I really hate is the build up to Christmas, everything becomes more expensive, if you want ANYTHING at all (irrespective of it’s relevance to Christmas) then you have to queue for 35 minutes to buy it and people start to get needlessly panicy because the shops will be closed for 24 hours. All very silly really however it’s all over now and we can all don our Santa hats, drink needlessly high amounts of spirits we would never dream of drinking in any of the other 51 weeks of the year, such as Baileys, Mint Schnappes and this ludicrous tradition we have of bludgeoning red wine by boiling it and throwing fruit in it :S Merry Christmas Everyone! I’m going to rejuvenate my blog this period with a proper look-back to 2013. Going to do my TOP 5 2013.   Top 5 People Top 5 Poker Hands Top 5 … Continue reading