Summertime IPO Killarney

The IPO Killarney last weekend was a blast. Throw Killarney, sunshine, poker, World Cup, golf, good company all into a mix €¦well you get the picture.

The final numbers were in the region of 400 which was a little under expectation but given the weather totally understandable. I played two of the three starting days opting for some golf on the other.

Shout out to Keith Cummins for sorting me out with my fix on the golf front. I repaid Keith €™s hospitality by dogging him out of the tournament about 20 off the money. Who needs friends ah?

The less said about my first attempt to make day two the better. Let €™s just say it was criminal what I did with my stack. Thankfully the IPO format allows for quick redemption and I was determined to put in a better performance on day1 C.

I can €™t remember any hands of note but managed to make day two with an above average stack. Day two started badly losing JJ to AJ aipf for 60 % of my chips. I yoyo €™d the first couple of levels before assembling what closely resembled a stack.

A table move and dry run of cards saw this stack dissipate to crucial territory. About 20 from the money with the blinds rising I shoved 100k (13 bigs) from the SB into Keith €™s A7 and hit the king.

I won a few hands after and three from the money I was playing 350,000. Big Iain commented to me there would be a steward €™s inquiry if I could bink this after John had taken down IPO Galway. He needn €™t of worried I was out five minutes later in 42nd with 39 paid.

First up I made a bad call with 99 verses a 3-bet shove over my open from JJ. I had just lost a couple of blind on blind pots against the gentleman who owned the Jacks and my call was frankly a tad tilty. Shortly after my last 10 bigs went in with JQcc and the same player woke up with 88 and held. At least he used the chips well eventually finishing second in the tournament.

There was a good representation of Cork players in attendance and as is traditional in Killarney the trophy was won by a rebel. Tadgh Ryan was a worthy winner and pocketed over ‚¬22,000, including 20% added money from Boylepoker.

These IPO tour legs have been a great addition to the Irish poker calendar this year. The atmosphere and spirit the games are played in represent everything that €™s good about live poker in Ireland. If you €™ve missed the legs, don €™t fret the best is yet to come with the IPO Dublin satellites now up and running in the Boylepoker client.