Sunday Specials: £500-added Sky Poker tourney

Incredible value exclusive £500-added tournament!

Our latest Sunday Special tournament gives you the opportunity to start a decent bankroll on Sky Poker for a minimal outlay. The £10+ £1 tournament is exclusively for PokerPlayer readers and NEW customers to Sky Poker. It means that it’s only going to attract a handful of players and the £500 is added on top of any buy-ins generated.

But that’s not all. Sign-up for a new account, deposit the £11 you need to play the tournament and we’ll also give a 200% first deposit bonus and £20 worth of tournament tickets for free. You’ll receive these as 2 x £2.20 tickets and 3 x £3.30 tickets, but you can combine these to enter higher value tournaments.

You  MUST be a new player  to Sky Poker to play in the tournament. And you MUST open your account through one of the links on this page.  To make sure you €™re tracked to PokerPlayer clear your cookies and cache first €“ it takes less than a minute. We want to keep this tournament exclusively for PokerPlayer readers and if you €™re not tracked to us you won €™t be able to play in it.

How to play

  1. Clear your  cookies and cache
  2. Sign up for a new Sky Poker account here
  3. Deposit £11 and register for the tournament below

The tournament name €“ ‘ £500 PokerPlayer’

Already a Sky Poker player? We €™ve got exclusive freerolls just for you each and every month in PokerPlayer magazine €“  subscribe here for just £15.99.  

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