That’s Right!

I’m Back! Question? Where you Been Dave? Well I’ll tell you. It’s been a pretty frantic/fun/tilting/frustrating/awesome 5 weeks. Its been pretty all over the place, so I guess we should start at the beginning! 2013, to date has been pretty fucking intense for me, I’ve had a really strange year, as last year drew to a close I was coming off a really good few months poker wise, and one of my most insane trips ever! Me and JP went Barbados/St. Kitts/Miami/Vegas and had an abso blast, I’d also spent a chink of time in Vegas earlier, L.A, Austria + Barcelona all for poker, and all seeing very little of anywhere but the inside of casinos. My Business outside of poker had started to flail in my focus, it was all poker poker poker, so I decided that 2013 was going to be the year of change. I was nicely settled into my new(ish) apartment in Leeds (since leaving home 6 years ago I’ve lived in 8 different places, as well as long stints on the floor in Frankie + Jake’s homes and prolly the best part of 350 days in hotels) so I was hoping to stay in one … Continue reading