The 500

The title for this entry shares a name with my favorite salad from Joey’s, a restaurant chain in Vancouver.

Organic quinoa, barely, plenty of raw vegetables, watermelon radish, almonds, mint, avocado.


Salad isn’t exactly photogenic, but trust me — this one is rather tasty.  Pro Tip: Add double chicken.

In poker related news, I reached 500 Spins for the month.  It’s not a super impressive number, but I’m slowly picking up the pace and getting back into grind mode.  Results have been mixed; EV is great and I continue to run far below it.  Can’t do much about that, as one grinder said to me, “When you started playing Spins, that’s what you signed up for.”

I still haven’t figured out my exact plan for which stakes to focus on and so far this month, I’ve been playing a mix of $30s, $60s, and $100s.  I’m torn.  If there are two birds on my shoulder, one (Ego) is telling me to man up and load $100s while the other bird (Nit) longs for calm, low risk coasting in $30s.  $60s might be the perfect compromise.   It’s all just speculation at this point.  What I need to do — and plan to do — is put in decent samples at each limit and “let the chips fall where they may.”  The uncertainty concerns me a bit, still trying to find my place in the Spin ecosystem.  Seems to be ever-changing.  I’ll have a much better idea once I reach my monthly goals, which are as follows:

  1. 3,500+ Spins
  2. 1,000 $30s
  3. 1,000 $60s
  4. 1,000 $100s