The Audible

In order to keep Supernova Elite and that precious 68% Rakeback, I’m required to earn 50,000 VPPs per month with up to two ‘buffer’ months where I don’t reach that total.  It shouldn’t  be that hard, considering I averaged almost double that last year.  But thanks to my Thailand/Disney-world excursions, I missed it in January.  And as of February 18th, my monthly VPP count was short of 30,000.

Theoretically I could miss another month and keep SNE, but I didn’t want to do that — I’ve got several trips planned over the rest of the year and will surely fail to accrue 50,000 VPPs in one of the remaining months, whether it be when I’m in Europe, Asia, or South America.

But hey, I had ten days to get 20,000 VPPs.  Doable.  Except on that day, February 18th, I boarded a flight to Las Vegas to meet up with friends.  No worries, I thought.  My return flight was scheduled for the morning of the 23rd, allowing me five full days to grind out the points.  I’d arrive back around 10 PM, get a good night’s rest, and spend the next five days getting those points.  Easy game.  And then my flight back to Cancun was cancelled.  

Expedia/United offered a replacement flight leaving 36 hours later.  Umm, no thanks.  Even if they would have put me up at a hotel, I couldn’t afford to sit around for that long and miss vital grinding hours.  I had to get back.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an earlier flight — err, so now what?  We audible.  I was wrong in that I didn’t have to get back, I merely had to leave the United States and enter a country that allows me to play on PokerStars.  I immediately booked a flight to Vancouver and arrived on Monday, leaving me with those five full days to get 20,000 VPPs.  Turns out I only needed four.

Not only did I get the necessary veeps, but somewhere in the middle of that is my first five figure day.  Obviously it felt amazing and I nearly recaptured that feeling the following day when I made ~$5k.  Lastly I’ll end the brag post with a fun screenshot of the $60 100x Spin-and-Go I binked; $6,000 in 2.8 minutes


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