The Curse

In October of 2012, I had recently relocated to Thailand and found myself at a local bar and heard a Thai band cover Green Day’s “Wake me Up When September Ends.”

After struggling to post a profit this month, the lyrics resonate with me much more than before.  Judging solely by money made at the tables, September was my worst month as a professional.


A horrific September?  Well, that sounds familiar.  This month won’t be my worst month as a professional, but the preRB “winnings” are abysmal.  Without the safety net of rakeback, I’m down more than $10k this month.  It’s been a rough, rough ride but my volume remains consistent and I’m nearing the homestretch of SNE.  Last week, I passed the 800k VPP mark so I’ve only got ~225 hrs of work until I’m Elite.




Normally during these down swings, I’m able to ease the pain by admiring the red line.  Not this month.  I’ve never had a stretch where the equity line was this bad, but then again I’ve never had a stretch where the green line was this bad either.  A lot of my daily graphs end up looking like today’s mini-session.

Given the large discrepancy between my lines, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about the red being at a less than desirable level.  Plus, it’s not like I woke up on September 1st and magically became a terrible player.  Even if I was leaking in a few spots (Which is extremely possible and I’m doing my best to diagnose and potential problems), it’s unlikely those leaks would lead to such drastically different results than I’ve achieved during the first eight months of 2014.

Maybe it’s just that September is cursed.  Not sure if I’ll play tomorrow, probably should listen to those song lyrics and sleep until October. :)