The Elite

Last time I checked in, I was three days from hitting Supernova Elite.  I had planned on writing a detailed blogpost once I finished up, but obviously that didn’t happen.  Instead, I became Supernova Elite and fell off the grid.


Two days after achieving my new tier, I started a two month-long victory tour: Visited friends/family in the greater San Francisco area, had a little fun in Vegas, showed up to surprise my buddy at his birthday party in Big Bear and on December 8th, flew out to Thailand.  I’m only here through mid January; afterwards I’ll head back to Playa del Carmen to finish out my lease and get back on the grind.

Oh yeahhhh.  The grind.  Since crossing the one million mark, I’ve played ~5 hours of poker.  That includes my week in Vegas, where I played exactly zero hands.  It’s been a refreshing change of pace for me.  I had grown accustomed to putting in sessions daily and while that routine was good for my bottom line, it wasn’t great for a life outside of poker.  And even when I was offline I couldn’t escape the games, as I’d always freak out a bit in the back of my mind about if/when I was going to get the necessary VPPs.  But during the past month, I have no such worries.

How does it feel to be SNE?  Pretty damn good.  I’m glad to be done with the 2014 work-year and look forward to my extra rakeback in 2015.  Clicking a mouse and having $20,000 instantly added to my account was fun too.  I’ve explained this to a few non-poker players and this is generally how it goes down:

Me: So the poker site awards money to the player once they earn a certain number of player points

Them: Oh that’s cool, how much?

Me: $20,000



Got big plans for 2015, but I’ll get into that in my next post.  For now it’s off to enjoy the rest of my vacation.