The Four Month Plan

It’s 2 AM on Tuesday morning and I thought I’d be in bed by now.  Long gone are the days where I would stay up until 4, 5, or even 6 in the morning and sleep until the afternoon.  But right before I was about to close down my computer, a turbo SNG popped up and I’m too proud/cheap to punt the stack so I guess I’ll stay up for a while.

Because I spent almost half of last month in the U.S., both the volume and profit suffered.  Only played ~100 hours and dropped nearly $5k in MTTs, but still managed to post decent totals.  Been back in Vancouver since July 28th and I plan on going hard this month, as I’m shooting for 125,000 VPPs.  Through the end of today (August 4th) I’ve earned 18,800 VPPs in a little under 30 hours.  The peak/non peak splits are rather ridiculous.

Peak hours (11 AM to 4 PM): 1000 VPPs/hr

Non peak (4 pm to 10 AM): 400 VPPs/hr

I’ve increased my overall VPPs/hr by raising my ABI a bit more and adding in 18-mans and 9-max satellites, both of which are going quite well.  Today I shipped a €700 and now have a €2100 ticket to use either on-line or in a live EPT event.  At the moment I’m intrigued by the idea of taking a European vacation and playing live, but I’d only consider doing so after I reach SNE.  Speaking of which, back to the VPPs — The most efficient move would be to play that previously mentioned five hour peak block each day, get somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500 to 5000 VPPs, and then close down PokerStars.  However, I still enjoy playing off-peak as the softer games lead to more pre-RB winnings and that’s a lot of fun IMO.

I started the month with 532,000 VPPs, meaning I’m “only” 468,000 short of SNE.  Originally I wanted to finish by December 1st and I still might be able to do that.  I need to average 117,000 VPPs/month over the next four months and then I’d be able to spend the rest of the year travelling, visiting friends, and doing basically anything other than clicking buttons.

Well, looks like I busto’d the SNG.  Time for bed.