The Gifs

I can’t find the words to describe last month, so perhaps a few gifs will do the trick.






If you guessed the third one was my favorite, you are correct.

I’m sort of excited.  Last month was, to put it mildly, incredible.  When the dust settled, I had my most profitable month of my career, earned 115,000 VPPs, and grew a lot as a player.  How?  Well, consider this — for the first week of June, my results haven’t been great at all.  I’m down a bit pre and the red line that I used to obsess over isn’t at the slope I’m used to.  My reaction?  Meh, whatever, it’s only a week.  In the past I might have sweated both the green and red lines too much, but now I’m considerably more relaxed about the swings associated with short-term variance.  But back to this month!


With rakeback, profit from the tables is $57,000 and I added another ~$5000 in staking, bringing the total to $62,000.  Not bad for a month’s work!  This crushes my previous total of ~$35,000 and I was able to eclipse that number even without binking that Spin and Go.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows as I do have some legitimate concerns on the horizon in regards to traffic/volume, but for now I want to celebrate last month’s epic heat and worry about the VPPs later.  Cookie! Cookie!  Cookie!