The Gripes

New year, same old gripes.

Variance is inescapable, but alas I had been away from the game for so long that I mostly forgot about it.  No worries though, the poker gods were around to remind me.  Through ~2000 games this month I’m down $3000 before rakeback.  Yuck.


Games do appear rather reg-infested and that should die down in the next few weeks.  At the moment we’re in “New Year’s Resolution” mode and everyone seems to have super lofty goals for 2015.  Piles of money, insane volume, heaps of VPPs, etc.  Seems only fair that I join the party.

My goals for 2015 can be summed up in one sentence: Accrue 1,000,000 VPPs in fewer than 1600 hours and make $200,000.

So to recap that lengthy post,

  • 1,000,000 VPPs
  • Fewer then 1600 hours
  • $200,000 profit

1,000,000 VPPs

I toyed with the idea of going for more player points, as there are considerable bonuses at the 250,000 benchmarks between 1 and 2 million VPPs.  It might not even be that hard.  After adding in 18s in mid June, my VPPs/hour increased quite a bit, putting me somewhere around 750/hour.  Assuming that stays constant, I’ll make it Supernova Elite in 1,333 hours and SNEx2 in a mere 2,666 hours.

Okay, ~2700 hours would be tough.  I don’t want to do that.  But even staying true to the 1600 hour mark, that would net me 1,200,000 VPPs.  At that point, getting those extra 5,000 VPPs would be worth $10,000.  So yeah, I’d probably do that.

Fewer than 1,600 hours

According to Hold’em Manager, that’s how many hours I played last year.  I probably played another 50-100 hours that went untracked, but for the sake of simplicity I’m going to use HEM’s count.  Last year I took several months off, visited friends, traveled, was able to be home for the holidays, and generally didn’t have to sacrifice my social life.  I like that.

Social life?

Because I’m earning more VPPs/hour than before, I should be able to accomplish this fairly easily.  And if I end up deciding to make a run at one of the bonuses, I’ll have more than enough time.

$200,000 Profit

Profit goals are stupid.  And yet I’m still setting one, although I’m using the term “goal” loosely.  It’s less of a goal and more of a wish, hope, or desire.  And that desire is to make $200,000.

As I said in the beginning of the post, not exactly off to a hot start.  But despite the run-bad, I’m still up postRB thanks to the sweet, sweet Supernova Elite rewards system.  I’m not up much, roughly $300, but that means I’ve only got $199,700 left to go!