The Groove

After my girlfriend left on February 1st, I thought I’d jump right back into my grind routine, putting in the same kind of effort that allowed me to play 6,000+ games in December.  But that didn’t happen.

I struggled to find that spark to sit for long sessions.  I’d put in an hour or so and then I’d get mildly annoyed by something at the tables, distracted by an incoming Skype/Facebook message, etc.  Sometimes all it took for me to lose that motivation was just looking up from my computer to remind me that there was a beautiful world outside and I didn’t have to be stuck indoors.

Up until the two-day trip I took to Laos for my friends wedding, my volume was sporadic.  Sure, the food poisoning didn’t help and neither did the side projects I was working on, but there were more than enough hours in the day for me to play and I simply didn’t.  It took me a while to settle back into the groove and recapture the time-management skills that I hadn’t needed for several weeks.

I returned home from Laos on the night of the 15th and told myself, ‘Alright, here’s what’s going to happen.  You’re going to play 125+ Spins per day.  That would bring the total to 3,000+ games by the end of the month and while you could certainly do better than that, at least it’s a respectable amount.

And that’s what I did.  As for the other goals I set at the beginning of the month (1,000 games of each level @$30s, $60s, $100s+), I managed to exceed the totals for $60s/$100s and fell short for $30s.  So far the samples are too small to draw any sort of conclusions, but I’m still firmly of the belief that I should play mostly $60s to minimize variance/maximize preRB edge.  Assuming this year’s current EV ROIs are indicative of my true winrate,  I’d make roughly the same amount of money postRB whether I played $60s or $100s, but in $60s my swings would be significantly smaller.  The nit in me loves that.


Still lots of things to work on going forward; Only played 95 hours this month and 80 hours of Spins.  I think a 120 hr work month should be the bare minimum and that would mean I’d play 4,500 Spins per month.  Certainly doable.  Also want to play more MTTs and I figure if I up the overall hours played, that will occur naturally.  Overall I can’t complain about the profit/hourly, even though I ran a bit under expectation it was close enough where I’m going to consider it a win.