The Irish Open

Where does the Irish Open go next? The word on the ground seemed it was quite likely to be Paddy Powers last year organizing it. No official decision has be taken but its certainly odds against they will be running it next year. I think what’s key is that the field seize increase to at the minimum 700 but why not shoot for 1,000. The BoyleSports Poker IPO attracts north of 1,000 runners each year. I think there’s more people playing poker in Ireland than ever before, they just don’t have €3500 to take a flop with. It wasn’t so long ago the festival in Galway got over 900 runners with a 1 million guarantee so I have no doubt at a €1000 buyin the Irish Open would see over 1000 runners.
People talk about the big international players coming, there not coming for €1k €2k €3k so lets forget about them. Historically the Irish Open was the big buy tournament in Europe, things have changed this is no longer the case, lets just make it a great festival for Irish people and if others want to attend there more than welcome.


Jp was saying just look at the Norwegian Championships, it got over 1000 runners, in my opinion this is where the Irish Open needs to go. If Paddy Power doesn’t run it, it will be interesting to see who’s hands it falls into. There is definitely several people interested in it, some more suited than others….. Who ever gets it I hope they go for a €1k buyin with a million guaranteed and put Gary Clarke in for free, I am not sure anyone could survive another Irish Open without Gary Clarke there.