The Redic

Earlier today, a reg called me a luckbox.  I can’t remember exactly what he said, was something to the effect of:

You’re definitely one of the better players abarone68, but you run redic good

He’s not the first guy to call me a luckbox and he certainly won’t be the last, but his comment comes at a rather ironic time as I’m currently mired in a pretty bad swing.  Actually, “pretty bad” is putting it mildly — as of this posting, I’m $15,000+ under EV for the month.  My previous record for most under EV was $10k ish, but we’re on pace to obliterate that as it’s only August 18th.  Of course, I could mount a comeback but I’m just as likely to add to the pain.

The last five days have been especially brutal.  $12k under EV during that stretch.

I’d like to consider myself an optimist, so let’s focus on the positives.

1) My EV has been outstanding as of late.  I’m more familiar with certain regs and am able to exploit them more optimally, leading to a larger theoretical winrate.

2) I’m still profitable postRB for the month.  Crazy, right?

3) I’ve yet to go insane.  Having a gorgeous equity line helps a bit, as does the SNE rakeback.  If I was strapped for cash I’d surely worry more about the wins and losses, but thankfully I’m financially secure enough to survive the swings, even the ones this large.