The Retirement

No, I’m not retiring.  Not close.

As Mark Henry once said, I’ve got a lot left in the tank.


Today, however, was my first day being semi-retired from $30 SNGs.

My plan is to play only $60+ games, which should lower my table count quite a bit.  I’m hopeful that even though I’ll be playing fewer games per hour, I’ll be able to focus more on the decisions and increase my preRB edge while maintaining the same (if not higher) VPP hourly.  A few years back I took a very brief shot at the $60 Turbo SNGs and failed miserably, playing ~400 games before dropping back down to my normal limits.  Some friends of mine had partially staked me for those games and despite all my success since then, to this day I’m still trolled how I “can’t beat” the $60s, which is now rather humorous those games are my lowest stake.

I actually wanted to ‘retire’ from $30s last month.  Once PokerStars released $100 Spins I thought I could mix those with $60 Spins and $60+ SNGs, but I had already agreed to the $30+ 9m Hyper Prop Bet vs L.A.Ruseman.  Speaking of which, I was unfortunately not able to beat Ruse, as his horseshoe was simply better than mine.  Both of us posted outstanding profit totals through 25 days, I ended +$4800 in those games and he was around $5700.  Really solid work by the both of us, especially considering we each played less than 2,000 games.  I’m not about to concede that he’s a better 9m Hyper player than I am, but in August he was undeniably the most profitable.  Congrats to him.

VPP count is sitting on 580,000 and while I could go hard the next three months to bang out SNE by December 1st, I’m much more likely to slow the pace down a bit.  Still looking to get 110,000+ per month and finish by the 15th or so.