The Three Days

Current VPP count stands at ~984,000 so by my estimation, I should hit Supernova Elite in a little less than 72 hours.  Yup, all that’s left between me and that VIP status is three full days of work.

I’m eager to be done.  To sit back, cash in the $20k bonus, close down the poker client, and spend some time enjoying the fruits of my labor.  I’ll probably get around to a few touristy-type things here, as I’ve yet to explore that side of Playa Del Carmen.  Maybe make those beach walks a morning tradition and lay out by the pool to make myself look a tad less pasty.  Currently I’m so white/pale that if I went home I’m afraid my friends would look at me and question if I truly lived in Mexico.

Let’s not lather on the suntan lotion just yet, I still have three full days left and a lot can happen.  Today marked the first day of PokerStars’ (third? fourth?) Golden SNG Promotion as part of their ‘Billionth Tournament Carnival’ and honestly it couldn’t come at a better time.

Normally the biggest gripe about the promo is that it leads to reggier games, but at this time of year the games can’t really get much worse.  already have 8 and 9 reg games going off like clockwork, what are they going to do?  Add a 10th reg to a 9 max game?Needless to say, I’m rather happy with Golden SNGs and their combination of free money and better traffic.  I even hit one today after about 300 games ($30 9-max hyper, 2x multiplier) and managed to finish in 3rd for an extra $80.

Speaking of good things PokerStars has done, the issue I had with the VIP store has finally been resolved.  After their last email, I had basically given up on any sort of compensation.  They weren’t budging and instead of fighting them, I accepted he fact that they were simply no longer the company I cared so much about.  But a few days ago, one of the higher-ups from PokerStars got in touch with me.  Apparently he had been made aware of the situation, either via my blog post, on 2+2, or perhaps the tweet I posted.

Regardless, he apologized for the debacle and reimbursed my account the lost VPPs.  Weeeee!