THE TOP POKER HANDS! So, as the majority of the year has been taken up with poker hands, where better to start than here, with the top 5 hands of the year. Unfortunately these hands are not all the most memorable for positive reasons :S however they are the top 5 we also “enjoyed” the biggest pot of my gambling career so far! 5. CLICKING BUTTONS Recently online there has been a wave of players either new to iPoker, or returning accounts that haven’t been around for a while. I have had a policy all year on ipoker of playing anyone between 2/4 and 5/10 (and being a bit more selective at 10/20 and  25/50 which i don’t think is bad at all) so if you sit with me (I only ever on 6max tables) doesn’t matter if I think you’re better than me or not, I play. Most people don’t play HU or shorthanded with me (not because I’m a huge sicko) but because most people don’t play HU or shorthanded unless very poor players are involved. However gonna give props to Un1dentified, LostInBatCountry and Privko as my fave opponents on Ipoker – they all 3 very good but … Continue reading