Tomorrow happens to be a Sunday and that means I’ll be waking up a few hours earlier to load a bunch of multi-table tournaments.  So far this year, the excitement turns to frustration around Sunday evening.

MTTs results since March

Despite that disgustingness, as I feverishly type away on my laptop late Saturday night, I’m super excited for tomorrow’s grind.  You think I’d remember how empty and terrible I feel each time a deep run concludes without a big score, but no, I’m somehow able to dig deep and find hope.  Optimism.  Possibly delusion.  On the night before MTTs, I’m like a kid at Christmas.  Except Santa never shows up.  Year after year I hang the stockings, decorate the tree, and leave out a plate of cookies, only for that fat bastard to disappoint me.  In a nutshell, that describes my lack of MTT success for the year.

Ultimately my sample is too small to be meaningful and I remain confident in my game, enough to the point where I’ve decided to play a fairly large WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) schedule in addition to my still-ongoing SNE grind.  I’ve yet to decide if (and how much) action I’d sell, for now I’m trying to narrow down which events I want to play.  So far, it looks something like this:

I’ll be tweaking the list quite a bit over the coming weeks but I expect to be playing at least $15,000 worth of WCOOP buy-ins next month, which is roughly, I dunno, about $15,000 more than I thought yesterday.