Saturday, November 28, 2021

They’re A Very Very Very Important Person

Ever wanted the VIP Dusk Till Dawn experience for a fraction of the cost? Luxuries such as £5,000 in tournament buy-ins , free food and drink, access to ‘Trickett’s Room’ and your own VIP parking and Wifi connection?

Dusk Till Dawn’s new VIP Platinum Memberships can be won for FREE at Dusk Till Dawn Online and they are guaranteeing FIVE packages a week.

This promotion is fantastic because it appeals to everyone, giving players the chance to use their VIP package and £5,000 of tournament buy-ins however they want.

A regular XXL 25 player could play for FREE for up to two years or make the step up to bigger tournaments.

A monthly £500 regular would be able to have their shot at the BIG guarantees for at least a year.

A festival player who frequents the majors could play the £1Million GTD UKIPT and all the side events without having to touch their bankroll.

On top of the £5,000 buy-ins the package comes with plenty of Dusk Till Dawn Perks:

Limited Edition VIP Platinum Membership Card
FREE food and drink for 12 months
Access to VIP (Trickett’s) Room
Reception Concierge Service
VIP Wifi Access
VIP’s will even have designated reserved parking at the Club entrance


For full info, click through to the Dusk Till Dawn Site

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