Too Hot in the Ice Tub! Bolt v. Hart Gets Cold Blooded

If you didn’t know it by now, sports superstar Usain Bolt and comedian Kevin Hart are battling it out in the #GameOn challenge ahead of the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

The two will square off in a heads-up poker match at the PCA and their starting chip stacks will be determined by their scores in the ongoing #GameOn Challenge.

#GameOn is a series of battles designed to test their “core qualities and skills of poker, including reading opponents, emotional control, and bluffing.”

While Hart was off to an early advantage Bolt, as is his style, has gained ground quickly and is looking to score some more chips in a new ice-bath challenge.

The referee? None other than PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu. 

The Ice-Bath Challenge

Enter Usain Bolt – 8-time gold medallist and 23-time winner of international sports events. 

Kevin Hart IMG 27

Does Hart have the heart for ice?

Hart is one of the most successful contemporary comedians in the US and among other films starred in Grudge Match, so he knows what a good duel looks like.

The two of them are PokerStars’ latest additions to their team of sports and TV celebrities and they’re going head to head again in the PokerStars’ #GameOn promotion.

To show how good they are at controlling their emotions and keeping a straight face, they’re told to step into a bathtub filled with ice water.

Whoever stays in the longest with a straight face, wins the challenge. But a duel needs a referee and PokerStars team pro and most popular poker player in the world Daniel Negreanu steps up to take that role.

Turns out, however, that one of them isn’t taking the challenge seriously enough. Then again, that person seems in way more control of their facial expression.

Either way it’s an easy call for the referee and we’re off to the next challenge. Watch it play out below:

Follow along with all of the #GameOn challenges by checking in on Twitter. 

Win Your Way to the Bahamas for $1.10!

Traditionally the PCA is the first big poker event of the year and since it has received a bit of a facelift this year it’s going to be a big, vibrant event with large player fields and buy-ins ranging from $160 to $100,000(!).

PCA 2014

The Bolt vs Hart poker match will be one of the many side/show events scheduled for the PCA but the speech play has already started.

“Usain may be a quick thinker but let’s see what happens when he’s taken away from the track,” said Hart. “If I were a betting man, I’d say I’ll be the one celebrating in the sun in January. It will be so easy, like taking candy from a baby.”

Usain remains confident, however, saying, “Kevin may be the funniest, but jokes are not going to get him anywhere against me at the poker table. I know how to keep my cool under pressure and that’s what it takes to win, my friend.”

If you want to watch it play out alongside them PokerStars has added another direct satellite to the main event. It’s a $530 satellite and it runs on November 26.

You can find it in the lobby under Events > Live > Direct Satellites and there are feeder tournaments starting at $1.10 buy-in.

Create your own account through PokerListings’ PokerStars review page and take a shot. A trip to the Bahamas, a week in the luxury hotel resort Atlantis and a ticket to a $10,000 main event are up for grabs.