Unlock $1 Million in Riches in 888poker’s Golden Pyramid

Spin the wheel and then spin it up. Climb the 888poker Pyramid and win every day.

There’s $1 million up for grabs with no deposit needed and no sign-ups.

While satellites for the WSOP Main Event and Crazy Eights packages are still running (hurry up though, there aren’t too many left) the next huge promotion at 888poker has already begun.

Log In and Win

This is the top promotion this spring as you don’t have any requirements to meet. You don’t have to collect any points, you don’t have to make a deposit — you don’t have to do anything.

Just log in to your 888poker account and you’ll get a pop-up asking you to spin the “Wheel of Ra.”

wheel of ra

Spin the wheel, win a ticket.

This wheel has eight segments and none of them says “oh, too bad, buddy.” There’s a prize attached to every single segment. Basically, you can’t escape winning.

Wheel of Prizes!

When you spin the wheel you’re win a ticket to one of the following tournaments:

$500 Pharaoh’s Tournament (runs four times a day)

$2,000 Sphinx Tournament (runs twice a day)

$4,000 Tutankhamun Tournament (runs once every day)

$10,000 Ramses Tournament (runs once every week)

You can also win tickets for $1 BLAST tournaments and money for Casino games and sports bets.

Climb the Pyramid

There are two segments in the “Wheel of Ra” that give one or two tickets to the Pharaoh’s tournaments.

Every other prize has one segment so your chance of winning a ticket for the $10k Ramses tournament is the same as for a $1 BLAST ticket.

But there’s also another way to play for $10k every week. The top 3,000 players in every level – Pharaoh, Sphinx and Tutankhamun – get a ticket to the next level tournament.

sphinx coin2

Watch for Cleopatra’s gold.

It’s the easiest way you’ll find this year to make some money for free. And you can spin the “Wheel of Ra” every day!

Cleopatra’s Mystery Money

Across the week the glorious empress Cleopatra will chime in now and again. Three times per week she’ll secretly sneak in a pot of her gold and share it with the populace.

The top 100 players of each tournament the empress visits will get a piece of 600,000 gold tokens. The three tournaments per week will be from three different levels to maximize your chances.

Watch out for the golden coin. When Cleopatra has chosen the tourney you’re playing in, you’ll see your table marked with that coin.

Win More Tickets, Play More Tournaments

If you want to make the most of this promotion, play as many tournaments as possible.

Golden Pyramid steps2

Climb the steps, win big.

In addition to spinning the “Wheel of Ra” you can win more tickets for any of the tournaments by completing some fairly easy challenges.

Win $1 BLAST tournaments – Win 1 to get a Pharaoh ticket, 4 for the Sphinx, 8 for the Tutankhamun tournaments

Win SNAP cash game hands – 10, 40, 80 hands

Bet $1 on casino games – 5 times, 10 times, 30 times

Place sports bets – for $1, $5, $10

You can win one ticket per challenge and up to 4 tickets per day. To enter your challenges click on the My Profile tab and then on My Poker club.

There you’ll find all the challenges you can take on and the progress you’ve made in each of them.

This promotion is running already and doesn’t end until July 30. To play, you need an active 888poker account.

If you don’t have an account yet click through to our 888poker review page and we’ll help you get started in minutes.

The Golden Pyramid

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