Value Hunter Update

Poker Freeroll

I’ve mentioned it in previous posts but for those that haven’t read it, G Casino Coventry have a Poker Free-roll with a £10,000 guaranteed prize-pool that you can qualify for. I have set myself the target of doing so.

It runs from June 1st to June 28th and every time you sit in one of the cash games for an hour or more you get a stamp on your card and you need 12 stamps. With 12 stamps you get entry to the comp and a 5k starting stack.

You get double stamps Mon & Tuesdays and on Sunday evening s after midnight you get an extra stamp as well.

I have been keeping track of my profit/loss and aim to win the seat while showing a profit so that when I play the tournament I really am free-rolling!

So far I have played 5 times but one was a Sunday and one a Monday so I have 7 stamps. After five sessions I’m winning just £155 not much of a return but I’m lucky to have any profit at all as I’ve not had any luck whatsoever and I’ve been grinding my ass off to just break even yet alone win anything.

Take last night, I sit down and flop a “Nut Flush” practically first hand and a guy has flopped middle pair. He hits 2 pair on the turn and a boat on the river so I’m stuck in a hole right from the start.

I do fight my way back and end up winning £23 on the night! Every session has gone virtually identically, I start off losing and then fight my way back. I have had a very small win on each of the 5 sessions so happy with that, but I feel like I’m soon going to have either a very good or very bad session.

Last night there were some huge pots and one with over £1,000 in it which for a live £1/£1 Pot Limit Hold Em game is going some.

Last night I also played the comp which was £25 + £5 with £1k guaranteed and fully dealer dealt! Wow careful Coventry, that’s starting to sound like a real poker room. I shall play it most weeks from now on. Fridays comp is a pile of pants with no guarantee and no dealers and just £15 buy in. The only reason I go on Fridays is because the cash games are much softer at the weekends.

I played like a tit in the early stages last night, mainly because I was on a very soft table and I was opening virtually every pot and 3 betting people light. Stupid really and I lost a lot of chips early. One funny one was when I tried a three barrel bluff versus a complete station. The river card was the scariest ever and I fired at it.

The board was something like Kc Jc 9c,10d,10c and after I bet about half the pot on the river she went into the tank for quite a while and then called with the 2 of clubs. She called me all the way with pocket 2’s and was good!

Oh dear I was annoyed with myself for trying to bluff her as I’d played against her before and she just never folds anything, as I think the above demonstrates.

So after this hand (and I’d already wasted other chips in similar pots) I decided to play properly as the field was only 28 players and I fancied my chances.

Sadly last hand before the first break I get QQ and get it all in pre versus AK and A2 and it comes and Ace and a King on the flop and I’m out.


One thing this playing cash has shown me is that although I have some qualities that are suited to playing cash (mainly patience) I am without doubt a much better tournament player than I am a cash player these days.

If I’m honest I’ve been playing the cash too cautiously mainly because I want to show a profit for this challenge, whereas I don’t play cautiously with tournament chips in front of me these days.

So cash challenge going reasonably well, I’m confident that I will qualify for the seat and still hopeful of doing it while showing a profit at the cash tables.