Want to Deal at the 2017 World Series of Poker? Apply Now

It’s the most iconic poker series in the world and, after 45 years, still as powerful a draw for poker players as ever.

It wouldn’t exist without the hard work and skill of those who deal the cards, though.

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas has grown exponentially since the early days of the poker boom and now puts on 65+ tournaments every summer over 6-7 weeks.

With 100,000+ players, multiple tournaments running 16 hours per day and on-site cash games alongside it requires an eye-opening amount of human power to make it happen.

If you’re ever wanted to be a part of an iconic poker institution from the inside, now’s your chance to become a dealer for the 2017 WSOP.

Dealer on WSOP 2015 Main Event Day 1C

This could be you.

Keep May 30-July 17 Open

The 2017 World Series of Poker dates have already been finalized for May 30-July 17 so expect to be available for the full run.

Applicants also must be able to “deal and run all flop, draw and seven-card tournament games in limit, no limit and pot-limit formats” and must “speak and understand English, the official language of the WSOP.”

Additional requirements are outlined in the 2017 WSOP Dealer Job Application (Job #1097871).

Auditions, which begin in February and end in April, are required for any dealer who hasn’t worked for the WSOP since 2014. Dealers can expect to be tested on game knowledge, mechanics and English comprehension.

2017 WSOP Dealer Auditions will test ability in four games: No Limit Texas Hold’em and a blind draw of three others from the 19-game mix listed here.

Bubble Time 2016 Main Event 2

More than just a sweet vest.

Unfortunately for international dealers, the WSOP is not participating in the H2-B Visa Sponsorship Program this year so applications won’t be accepted. 

The deadline for applications for new, former and returning dealers is April 15, 2017.

More information on auditions, lodging deals, the application process and a full FAQ on the WSOP can be found on the WSOP Dealers and Staff website here.

Want a taste of what it’s like? Watch the WSOP Dealer’s Diaries below:

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